Alexa pairing

How to pair device with alexa

If you click the link for the “Support” page at the top right, and then type in “alexa”, there is information pertaining to using your devices with Alexa. If you have issues while trying that, then you can post the specific issue you’re having in this thread, and the community may be able to assist you. You can also search the forum with the magnifying glass icon at the top right for “alexa”

NOTE: There is an ongoing issue with Wyze devices and Alexa at this time. Wyze is investigating the problem. Please see the below thread to see if you are having a similar problem.

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Sorry but getting Alexa to work with the Wyze plug totally doesn’t work. You might invest in testing resources before releasing a product. I’ll be returning it.

Hello @tbkblues and welcome to the community, before you give up I would recommend you post the issues you are having and one of the people who use Alexa may be able to help you out.

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Just to close the loop on this, there is definitely an issue when changing the name of the Wyze device when already paired with the Alexa service. There seems to be a very long cache. Eventually this worked. Pairing in general is pretty flaky. I had to boot my phone (iPhone 7, 13.2 (?) at the time) to get it to work another time.

I’ve noticed that changing the name in the Wyze app doesn’t always automatically change things in Alexa. But this may be intended behavior. This may be intentional behavior though, I’m not sure. I know you can definitely manually change the name in Alexa to something different. This doesn’t change the name in the Wyze app, for example. There could be scenarios when you might want to group them differently or refer to them differently in Alexa than you do in the Wyze app.

Anyway, whenever I’ve changed names I’ve just double checked that things are reflected the way I want them in Alexa.

,and to re-open the loop: after they cancelled the tokens, it is no longer working with Alexa; the manual “device discovery” in the Alexa app has never worked. The plug doesn’t just “automatically show up”. Re-enabling the link in the Wyze app appears to work, but it never links it to Alexa. There’s only so many times I’m going to try rebooting/restarting things to get around bad engineering. Please read the descriptions in this thread and debug this process.

It sounds like you’ve already done it, but just to make sure, you did this process?

After you’ve done that, you may want to go to the “Devices” screen, click “Add Devices,” scroll to the bottom and click “Other,” then click “Discover Devices.”

If you’ve done all that, do you still have Wyze devices which aren’t showing up in Alexa?

One other thing you could try is re-pairing the device in the Wyze app also. I’m not sure if it would be necessary, but it seems like a good troubleshooting step to try.

The Alexa “Discover Devices” has never worked to find Wyze plugs. It seems to scan for 45 seconds then presents a screen indicating it failed. This is consistent. I also tried re-pairing the plugs. If that process works (contingent on booting my phone typically), The Echo Dot I have does “speak” that it found the plug. When I go to access it via the phone app, it can’t locate it, indicating that it is off line. All of these devices are on my IoT VLAN (where I also temporarily place my phone when re-pairing). This network has access to the Internet, but not other devices on that VLAN or others locally. If you want to discuss more of my local configuration, please contact me privately.