Alerts to Temporary Overseas Number

I have 3 Wyze cameras, set to notify my cellphone. This fall we plan to take a trip to Europe where I will get a new SIM card, and thus a new phone number, for use overseas. I will have talk, text, and data on the new number/service. Will I continue to get the Wyze camera alerts to my cellphone via the new European phone number?

Phone number won’t affect anything Wyze, unless you are using your phone number for a 2fa option.

As long as you have data the Wyze app will work


If you have the Wyze Home Monitoring System or Cam Protect, the monitoring service Noonlight does rely on the phone number set within the App Monitoring Settings for SMS notifications and phone calls. If not, nothing to be concerned with.

I don’t have Wyze Home Monitoring, so it sounds like I should be ok, getting the camera alerts. Thanks for the quick responses!

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Here is a thread on the challenges using Wyze overseas.

Interesting thread. Fortunately Serbia isn’t on our travel agenda this time, but still good to know.