Trouble with notifications

I have just recently got a wyze cam for Christmas and I am having trouble setting up notifications. I am very confused on how to set up a schedule and motion notifications during the week when Im not home. Someone please help me.

Hi, @gnorman376. Welcome to the community! I have placed some help links below for general setup and support guides for the Wyze cam. If you have any more questions, let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Setup Guide

Event Recording & Schedules


I am having problems getting alerts too. My question is… How does the WYZE cam send alerts? I never had to enter my phone number when I registered my account and set up my v2. All I was asked for was my email address. ???

The notifications come via the Wyze app on your phone or tablet.


As @rbruceporter states it comes through the app. It does not need your phone number it will show up on any device that you have the app signed into.

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No phone number needed. All the notifications work through the Wyze app as mentioned in the posts above. Open the app and follow the simple notifications turn on/off guide.


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So what sound/alarm should I hear if I get an alert? I have my phone in my pocket at work, app running, but nothing! I just happened to check it when I got off work and saw my daughter was already home. No alert when she arrived!

On an iPhone you will just get the sound you have set for notifications. I don’t believe there is a way to change that on an iPhone

Notifications are fundamental to any security system. Mine are not working and many others are having similar problems. In addition to this thread there is another “App won’t send notifications anymore”. I’ve tried all suggestions in both threads but still no Notification. I’m hoping Wyze has fixed this bug and it’s my error as a new user.

Today I received my $600 order of Wyze product. Without Notifications it’s useless for my application and need to decide whether to keep or return.

The lack of tech support from Wyze is astonishing so any assistance from the Community is most appreciated, thanks!

Have you opened a support ticket with Wyze Support? Can you post your ticket number please? There are several folks here that with the ticket number can possibly get a situation escalated. Mostly we are all just users like you but there are a few Wyze folks on here from time to time.

I forgot to include in the above post that am using ASUS ZenPad Z8s with Android 7.0

Well, I just had a chat session and received a ticket #. The issue has not been resolved yet but it’s in process…we’ll see what happens and will post the resolution, thank you.

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Have had similar frustrating issue with Android Wyze app. Get Event recordings and Proper motion detection within the WYZE app. All of notification settings are set properly and have been receiving email tech support. I get absolutely no push notifications from Wyze (although used to when first started using Cam V2 and Wyze). After camera reboots and reinitialized, and Wyze app uninstall/reinstall… Still no notifications. About to scrap Wyze for my home security system.

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This just got posted- fix is apparently under way.

I have the exact same issue. Did you get a fix? Thank you