Do US bought V3 cameras work oversees?

Hi, we recently bought a few cameras for my uncle in Costa Rica and brought it down to him. As I am not there he said they dont work in Costa Rica. Not because of any electrical difference etc. They are on the same electrical as us. Power on. Not the problem they just wont send to the app. Does the app not work or the cameras oversees from the US. Or could it be something with the ISP down there. I know the video first goes to wyze and then comes back.

Can you explain the issues in more detail? So he’s not getting any events? Or are there error codes? Can’t download the events? More info the better, thanks in advance!


Im trying to get more information from him as he is older. But first order. Do the cameras bought in the US work outside the US. They are not geo locked?

Ok when they go to set up the account in needs a US phone number to set up an account!

There are members here using WYZE cams in numerous countries, SIngapore, Serbia, the U.K, Canada, Mexico and numerous others in Europe. Maybe this is something new??? there must be a way they set it up?

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You can hit skip when it asks for a phone number

Please don’t cross post: Can not set up service because dont have US number


I agree with @Antonius that there are users of Wyze devices all around the world in countless countries.

It doesn’t make sense this is being blocked. It could be the ISP or it could be a new conflict due to recent security efforts, though, if so, I’m guessing this is unintentional. It is hard to know for sure. It’s been a while since I set up an account from scratch, but it’s possible Wyze now requires a North American phone number (at the moment).

My guess is that he may be just be struggling with how to set them up correctly.

Maybe Wyze is requiring 2FA for all new accounts starting immediately, and thus the phone number issue. Maybe he can choose to do an authenticator app instead of a phone number, it maybe the phone number thing is a new bug.

Please keep us updated with any new information you can get or if he can try to choose an option other than a phone number somehow.

If this is a new thing, Wyze will need to update it if they intend to go more global anytime soon. I’m sure there has to be a workaround or else it’s unintentional. Maybe someone can test by creating a new test account & try to do it without a [Noth American] phone number.

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I think he just missed the “Skip” button in the corner.

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Maybe but if WYZE does go through with the announced 2FA plan I hope they have a plan in place for international users or it will be another :poop: :poop: show :rofl:

Sms isn’t the only way, an Authenticator app can also be used, which is not locked to the US.

Wyze said email will also be an option for 2FA, it just hasn’t been implemented as of today, but it will be.


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