Connecting problems with Wyze v3 cams in the Caribbean

Hi all, new Wyze v3 camera owner here. Experiencing an odd problem; hoping any of you can help.

Our family has two v3 cams in the Caribbean, and six v3s here in Canada. The v3s in Canada can so far be accessed from within Canada and from the Caribbean without any problems.

But the two v3s in the Caribbean has been iffy. No problems so far accessing it if we’re on the same local wifi network as the two v3s, and doesn’t seem to be any problems when accesing it from a few kilometres away on cellular data.

But so far, our family has gotten “error code 90” on both cams when we’re much further away, e.g., 30km away in another town, and of course our family in Canada is getting the same error trying to access these two v3s.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, nomadto416

How is the ISP there and what kind of upstream / downstream bandwidth do you have? You might want to check for known port blocking or firewall issues (or rate limiting) specific to that ISP. Wyze relies on WebRTC and/or the TUTK P2P network.

Its your local ip issue

I should have mentioned that a we have been able to connect to the two v3s from Canada once in awhile, but today it’s been completely dead.

The ISP speed is fine. We do have two older Logitech Circle2 cams there, and we’re able to access them fine from anywhere.

So I’m thinking it’s a Wyze v3 issue since it happens randomly, except for today where we can’t access it at all from far away.

Well that’s not good… especially since there are some forced upgrades coming next month. They might help or they might knock you further offline.

If possible I’d suggest leaving a “jumpbox” of sorts inside the home there - a PC or tablet that you can access remotely and that will let you manage other devices on that local network.

Oh one other thing - it’s better to avoid IP6 addressing if at all possible.

It must be a port blocked works locally, but not out of country, still falls back to your Internet Co

Ok thx all. I’ll try checking the ports and seeing what else can be done.

You will need to call your service company

Oddest thing; this morning both v3s are accessible from anywhere it seems. We’ll keep checking a few times each day to see if it’s some time-dependent problem.

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