Air Purifier Offline

With all the issues I’m having with my Wyze Air Purifier now today it went offline. My home WiFi has a strong signal and my Wzye cameras are working fine with it. I checked the Device Info page and it shows the purifier is connected to my network, yet the device main page says it’s offline. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but that didn’t fix it.

I’m so tried of software issues with Wyze products!

Who is your ISP, how much bandwidth do you have, and what router are you using? How many total devices (not just Wyze devices) are registered to (using) the router? How often are you streaming TV/movies, etc? Have you used a program to check for signal interference and channel optimization? Sometimes you can have a strong signal, but so many other things can cause problems that are totally unrelated to Wyze.

I used to have a lot of offline/connectivity problems. I even used to believe it was likely that the primary issue was Wyze’s fault, since it seemed like some devices didn’t have the same problem when some of the Wyze ones did.

When I moved houses, I got rid of cable internet, switched to Fiber (1gbps up and down), got a really good Mesh Router (ASUS Zenwifi AX6600), and rarely ever have anything go offline or have connectivity problems now with any of my Wyze devices, despite having HUNDREDS of them now.

This led me to believe the primary conflicts must have had something to do with my ISP or the router I was using (I even tried 4 different routers), especially now that Wyze has handled the load really well now that I have a good ISP and router. I was initially hesitant to buy such a fairly costly router system, but it’s made it so all my Wyze devices are pretty stable.

Even at my old house, I once tried to switched the DNS off my cable provider to either OpenDNS or Google (I tried both), and both made a huge positive difference over using my cable provider.

My 3 Air Purifiers have never gone offline, so I am not convinced it is a Wyze software issue as much as it might be a networking thing.

I imagine you must be frustrated, I sure would be, I have been there too. I am just trying to think of how else to possibly help you. You might consider trying to change your DNS. Also could have something to do with the ISP, or bandwidth amount, or many other things.

Regardless, sorry to hear you’re having problems. You can always call support of course. They once even analyzed my network (with my permission), by having me install a special app and had me lay my phone next to my router while it ran tests to figure out what is causing connectivity issues between my router and a device I was having problems with a long time ago. So if you are having constant connectivity problems with lots of devices, and others have almost no connectivity issues, I’d ask them if they can run some tests to try to figure out what is different so the cause can be identified. Though I would think if it was the software, then most everyone else would have the same offline issues on their air purifiers too, so I am guessing it something else in this case. But I haven’t analyzed your network, so I could definitely be wrong, but I would see if Wyze has anything they can do to help you figure it out so you can have a better experience.

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I have never had any connectivity issues with other devices on my home WiFi and I have more than enough bandwidth, the issue is not on my end.

So now I deleted the purifier from the app and tried reinstalling it but it keeps telling me my network password is incorrect and that is not true, it is correct.

UPDATE: Now all of a sudden it connected to my Wifi and is working again on the app.

I am glad to hear that it is back to working again for you. Thanks for the follow-up.

Mine is doing the exact same thing as well. I’ve gone through all of the troubleshooting recommendations and it still drops its WiFi connection about once per day. It has the latest firmware and a strong signal. It will drop the connection and the WiFi symbol will flash. If I leave it will sometimes reconnects on its own after about an hour. If I unplug it from the wall for 15 seconds then plug it back in, it will reconnect by itself right away. If you read the reviews on the product a bunch of people are complaining about the same issue. I believe the is an issue with the internal WiFi module.