Wyze Air Purifier - Restore previous state on power loss

It would be great to have the ability to choose a mode or have the purifier automatically come back on after power loss. I am in Southern California, and during fire season or allergy season, if there is a power outage, I want the purifier to come back on as soon as the power is restored, so it has hopefully been running while I slept or was out.

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Totally. Agree. Did you ever find a answer ?

Still waiting on this idea. I did find that Alexa can turn the filter on and off and set the mode. Do that’s great for routines.

Also the recent firmware makes the wifi waaay more stable.

That’s all good. Problem is if power fluctuates, this is offline until you press power button.

Right now these are completely out of stock including filters. Fingers crossed they come back before I need one. Was gonna get another purifier but still out of stock.

Thought I’d follow up here because I found an answer.

As it turns out you can connect a Wyze air purifier through a smart switch. When it gets powered cycled it will come back up, connect to wifi, and you can reach it through the app.

Despite really good wifi (with a few dozen devices that stay on fine), I find the purifier drops wifi a lot. I’ve done all the usual so think it’s probably just a design issue.

The purifier doesn’t retain its last state. But since you can power cycle remotely and use the app to set it back to automatic or manual, means it’s generally doable.