Air Purifier, disable front panel display

The front panel display is BRIGHT in an completely darkened room, I cut a piece of index card to size and covered in electrical tape to cover it up, then I remembered from the launch-video there is some sort of air scanning feature, which I am guessing is behind that display panel. My temporary solution is to spin the unit so the panel faces the wall at night so its not so bright when trying to sleep.

An option to disable the showing of the air quality numbers is unique to my personal OCD when it comes to QA testing and curiosity. Every time the furnace kicks on or the dog shakes I find myself staring at the numbers to see how the numbers are affected.

A+ on everything else, the build quality is great, filter is larger than other cleaners I owned in the past and even in ‘turbo’ mode the device is pretty quiet.

How about just putting it into sleep mode at night?


While sleep mode turns off the display, the drawback is that it also forces the fan speed to the lowest possible setting. If indoor AQI is moderate or higher when you enable sleep mode, the lowest fan speed won’t be able to adequately clean the air. Also, the physical panel buttons and app buttons for sleep mode and fan speed are not independent. I.e., if you switch mode to Sleep and then press fan speed to Mid or higher, the unit switches out of sleep mode turning the display back on.


This time of year I usually run my old Honeywell HEPA device non-stop to help keep my allergies in check. Personally noise is not a problem, I already sleep with a white-noise machine to mask the snoring of my dog and ambient neighborhood noises

I was hoping since we are very early on in the dev process (v 1.0.3 firmware) the ability to add bells/whistles/features/functions like diming or disabling the display on a schedule would be a useful addition for users with open-concept or studio-style layouts or those users who are sleeping in the same room as the device.

I can confirm the “Auto mode” works perfectly as advertised. While cooking breakfast this morning the device went from its normal 001-004 reading up to 141-145 when I forgot to turn on the stove exhaust fan. So far so good, thanks Wyze


Yup, all true. Hopefully low at night and auto during the day would be enough to keep the AQI good enough. But it for sure doesn’t eliminate the need for this wishlist topic.


Same. Ours is in the living room next to TV and is very bright. I’m hoping Wyze spent the extra $1 for photocell sensor and low-level firmware. I have an old Emerson clock that has that included at a $20 price point.

At the every least a dimming function to be controlled at sunset/sunrise or time of day would suffice. Otherwise manual-only control for a smart air cleaner becomes cumbersome.

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Same thoughts as OP. As an example the Dyson HP04 I have has night mode which dims/turn of the screen and limits auto to 40% for noise, BUT you can still adjust it up to 100% with the screen still off. Really wish night mode was just light off, and limited to level 3 fan mode or something on the Wyze. No complaints otherwise.

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What do the display numbers indicate?

Will look up the index, but it represents your Air Quality Index.

As it measures you Air Quality Index, it adds it to the graph in the app, the white dots indicate what the quality is at that time.

like this…

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I also use the purifier to create white noise in the bedroom to help with sleep. So, I generally keep the fan on “high” but have to turn the purifier so that the display light is less visible.

I would love to be able to toggle the display on or off, or dimmable as part of the manual options.


@zachlee47 - confirmed after installing mine and skimming through the Quick-Start guide (page 2), the laser sensor is on the back of the unit under the handle - so you would be fine covering the display. I assume this is why they ask for 20 inches of clearance around the unit so the laser has enough area to scan.

I liked your cardboard suggestion but found 3M Temflex friction tape laying around, which doesn’t look terrible and easy to remove with no residue. Better than no dimmer or having to use night mode!

@macnicol - see here:

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At the very least you’d think Wyze would have the AQI numbers below 10 not light up the zero’s. So when my AQI is say 5, I don’t need the extra brightness of the two zero’s showing 005.

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Air Purifier Display

I’d like to put in a feature request to be able to run the fan on turbo with the display off or dimmed. The noise from the fan is perfect to sleep by, but the display is too bright.

I’d also like to be able to set a rule for the turbo setting to come on and off.

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If they added a usb charging port and a small speaker that only played white noise, I could almost justify an air cleaner in every room

@Loki how does this voting process work in terms of how many votes are needed to make a necessary feature part of the dev teams production timeline?

Thanks in advance.

There is not a specific number of votes that triggers inclusion in Wyze’s roadmap for development. The relative voting rank of wishlist topics is only one of a very many factors that affects the decision to research, develop and implement a subject. Among these factors are potential development cost (there are many, many wishes competing for limited development resources), interaction with other products/features, ease of implementation, etc. I’m sorry I don’t have any more insight I can provide.

The best way to get more information on Wyze’s plans is to participate in Wyze staff events such as the AMA happening tomorrow: AMA with Wyze VP of Product, Steve McIrvin - 6/15/2022 1:00 PM Pacific


I have a roll of automotive window tint film for applications like this. Goes on with a little spray and a squeegee, comes off if needed. I have a few things that I’ve treated this way.

Seems like such a simple fix, we want dim or display off but more fan options. Manual fan selection is fine both by using touch buttons on the unit/display or via app.

On the unit, using the buttons, you should be able to hit fan speed then tap sleep symbol and it turns off display. If someone wants a lower fan speed , tap buttons to desired fan and then tap sleep again.

App is just as easy. Pick fan speed, then Hit sleep mode.

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Wyze Air Purifier LED lights toggle on/off on Auto Mode

I would like the option to turn off/on the led lights on Auto mode instead of just on Sleep mode.