Air Purifier - Option to disable acknowledgement beeps

While having some form of command acknowledgement is very useful (“Did I hit this button?”), having the Purifier acknowledge remote commands can be disrupting if it is located in the bedroom an there is a rule to take it from sleep to auto mode in the morning (and/or vice versa in the evening). I would like to propose a setting to disable acknowledgement beeps for remote commands.

Personally I can tolerate the beeps, but my toddler, GF and dog are disturbed by them to varying degrees. Waking up a baby/toddler is a major issue for most people I would imagine. The dog is a special case, weirdly our dog reacts to the beeps w/ a panic attack (it does have an anxiety disorder, Jul 4th is a nightmare…) This is the 2nd device it reacts to like this, the other one is a plush chickadee w/ a call module I had to disable (the robin is fine… IDK)

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This sound is the only thing good about the product. It’s a Star Trek computer sound.

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Agreed on this concept. I shut the air purifier off or to sleep and the beep wakes my wife up and dog but I mainly shut it off because the light is so bright at night. A screen dimming option could work too.


Mute sounds from WYZE Air Purifier

Love the new air purifier! Would it be possible to mute the beeps from the unit when it changes modes? The randomness scares my dog.

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I have to agree. I tend to adjust air control devices at night often. The Midea U Inverter Window A/C used to have a ridiculously loud beep that you could hear through multiple walls. Putting a very sour taste in your mouth of an otherwise excellent product. They fixed it on later revisions of the unit by allowing you to turn off audio confirmation. (I thank them for it every night multiple times as I adjust temperature in my poor sleep.)

There are many manufacturers that do this wrong. (Looking at you LG). But most of them are “tolerable”. The Wyze one is up there with what the Midea U used to be… jarring, untolerable, and hard to ignore for many people. Especially in a silent room. If you have a screen on your device (which they do) or your controlling via app (which you can with this product), then audio confirmation is not only redundant, but also detracting from the customer satisfaction of the product. This is the kind of quality of life thing that if does not get fixed, will cause many people to return, not recommend, or just not buy this product. They will most likely not bother writing a review, or write a suggestion on this page either. This may sound dramatic but I have a decent amount of experience with this type of thing.

This is a smart product, so they likely have the option of releasing a software and firmware modification to add a mute button. But I really hope they don’t take to long on it. Last time a small quality of life issue like this happened for me was on the original Wyze Outdoor Cam. It had a problem where it would discharge even faster when plugged into a solar panel. Making a hands off install impossible. I mentioned this problem, and they did eventually fix it. But by then it was to late. It had taken to many months, and my clients decided to go with other options. I was forced to recommend other products… not once, but multiple times. I really hope this isn’t a repeat scenario.


Yes please fix this. My dog has anxiety when it switches between night mode and auto mode. Can’t there just be an option to turn off the sound?


I really would be nice to mute any and all sounds. I’d like to set up a rule to put the filter in sleep mode at night and then return to auto in the morning, but the beeps wake us up. Please, add a mode that would just mute all sounds. Thanks.


Silence Beeps on Air Purifier

I wish Wyze would act on my suggestion to create a mute for the beeps when the air purifier goes to sleep and wakes up. My dog really hates the noise and it is unnecessarily loud.

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Yes, please allow me to disable the beep so I can use rules for auto and sleep on the air purifier!

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This feature would be very valuable and seems…trivial to execute on from a ux perspective in the app.

Simply have a toggle in the app that says: mute all sounds. Similar to the toggle disabling the LED.

For some people the beep is unnecessary and jarring.

its been over a year now…come on wyze…get this going.