Dimming the Air Purifier display

Are there any plans on making the display dimmable on the new air purifier? Or having it turn off at night but still running? We have ours in our bedroom and we’ve have to place a square of black paper in front of the display because of how bright it is. This doesn’t interfere with the laser scanner as that’s in the back.


Sleep mode turns off the display but keeps it running.


Does it really? facepalm Thank you. I thought it was a sleep timer, like it shut the unit off after a set time.



Also, the manual settings CAN be set on a timer.

Oh and you can schedule sleep mode to turn on at a specific time every night via rules.

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Don’t worry, I made the same mistake misunderstanding sleep mode.

I do wish that we could have it on sleep mode for the display to dim, while still having it run at higher speeds though, or auto. It seems like sleep mode only runs on low speed. :frowning:

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The scanner is actually on the back of the device, which I find strange, but if you look there’s a laser emitter warning, so there’s that. But yea, I myself quite enjoy watching the numbers move around and having the have it covered up makes me sad, haha

edit* Just realized you linked another comment and this isn’t your own comment. Oops

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It’s a “Wishlist” topic requesting change. Please follow the link and click the “Vote” button in the upper left corner. :+1: