Air Purifier, disable front panel display

This is currently in beta testing and will be available in the next production Air Purifier firmware release.


Thank you for the information!

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Thanks for the update @Seapup. Glad to see this so close to production.

We appreciate Wyze taking the constructive feedback.


For whatever reason my air purifier appears to have had the option for awhile
now. The only problem is it does nothing. :roll_eyes:

I am not on the beta program either FWIW.

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I received and activated my Wyze Air Purifier yesterday (woo!) and have not found any information on the LED Display setting toggle. I noticed it did not affect functionality on the device and started looking around on the forums. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

For everyone looking to dim the display… buy a sheet of LED Light Blocking Stickers on Amazon - - cheap, non-damaging solution while we wait for the official software fix.

Black tape is cheap, and works fine.

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Residue though.

What Firmware Version are you running on the Air Purifier ad the App version you are running?

I am using the following:

Android App version:
iOS App version:

Air purifier Firmware Version:
Plugin version on Android:
Plugin version on iOS: 2.38.0

On my devices I have the LED Display Toggle as shown in an earlier post. However, mine will turn off the LED Display.

LED toggle also does nothing on latest firmware with latest updated app on iOS

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Lighter fluid, alcohol, window cleaner, or Goo-Gone will all clean any residue without harming the plastic at all.

Firmware ver 1.0.10 App reports “Everything’s good, you’re up to date”, but somehow spamoni4 has :thinking:
Android App ver. 2.38.0 (153)

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FYI: My Air Purifier is not Just letting you know. The Newer Firmware is where this feature has been added for testing.

I registered to be an app beta tester, then selected devices I wanted to also test Firmware on, you can try that if you wish:

Then when the app is loaded, you can start the app and go to: Account / About

Select Beta Program and select Edit in the Top Right. Finally select the devices you wish to have beta Firmware for. Click on Save after selecting, then go back to the Account Screen and tap on Firmware Updates or go to the device and see if there is a Firmware update.

Note: on iOS, you can roll the app back by uninstalling the Beta App and installing the Prod app from the App store. This is possible as you will install Test Flight and install the Beta Apps from there.

Android is a little more difficult, you will need to leave the Beta Program and then install the Prod app from the Google store.

Firmware can be rolled back to the provided FW for Cameras, but Bulbs, plugs, Air Purifiers cannot be rolled back.

With tha Said, I have had success with the latest updates I am testing.

Thanks spamoni4. I have considered the beta program before. Maybe it’s time to “experiment” a little.

For the record, my problem is that Wyze is lying to us:

No, you cannot dim the display.
Wyze, at least fix your website. It’s false advertising plain and simple.

Dimming was poor wording and should be corrected, what is meant is turning OFF the display so the LEDs don’t bother people at night. This can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Set the Air Purifier Status to “Off”
  2. Set the Air Purifier Status to “Sleep mode” (it will still run on low, but without any LED --I schedule the ones I have in bedrooms to do this at night automatically)
  3. While the Air Purifier is ON auto or a fan speed other than Sleep mode, go into settings and toggle off the LED Display setting:

If a user doesn’t see the above setting, they should make sure they are up to date with the latest firmware for the Air Purifier and the latest app version and check again. It should be there for everyone on the publicly released app and firmware.

Regardless of wording the feature did not work on ver. 1.0.10 even thou it had the toggle in the settings.
I had to become a beta tester to get the non-public version that does ( where it does work (turns off).
As of two days ago is now public. Still doesn’t change the fact that most of us had the broken firmware for almost 4 months. :pensive:
For the record I would still like a “dimming” setting.

Carverofchoice, don’t worry about people that complain about historical facts, it’s pointless to vent about things that cannot be altered.