Wyze app - Display real-time indoor Air Quality Index (AQI) for Air Purifier

Please consider adding continuous updates within the Wyze app from the air purifier of its AQI.

Alternately, if constant updates are not possible, then add the option to manually trigger an update.

Right now, the updates are sporadic, it has been almost 2 hours since my apply updated right now. I would like to track changes in air quality at my home while away (example, while at work).

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If continuous, real-time AQI display updates are not possible, I would like to be able to pull-to-refresh for a dynamic, real-time data “pull”.


The first two days or so with my purifiers were great. Low numbers, machines running on low. Great. That made sense, newer (2017) house, MERV 9 furnace filter, air exchanger with a filter as well, clean house, hypoallergenic dog that doesn’t shed, etc. For some reason today both purifiers have basically stayed between 90–180 all day and have been ripping. It might dip down to 140, then 10 seconds later back to 180…with nothing moving or going on. Something doesn’t seem right. Nothing changed at my house. There is no way to reboot the sensors, no way to manually pull air quality updates, and no indication of what is actually going on other than me losing trust in the numbers I am seeing. Ideas?

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Pollen, dust from vacuuming, cooking, air fresheners, fumes from floor cleaners, etc. If your Air Purifiers’ lasers “see” it, they’re trying to remove it.


So basically trust the lasers and let them chooch? :slight_smile:



no way to manually pull air quality updates

the unit’s LED display is real-time.


I’ve read and reread all of the documentation I can find. But nowhere can I find out what the front panel display numbers mean. What do they indicate?

my understanding is that it is the indoor Air Quality. Less than 50 you are ok.

Mine goes between 1 and 5, but I have seen it get up to 20 when the vacuum is going or wife is ironing

I’m thinking the front panel display is showing particulate matter, not AQI. Wyze really needs to provide us with all the information, instead of just throwing out a bunch of numbers and not explaining them.

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It should be clearer. Here is an image from my App. The number matches the number of the front of the device. This indicates the indoor air quality. At least that is my understanding

Well, the number on my app (29), doesn’t make the number on my machine (002). But then again the app also shows the AQI was updated an hour and a half ago, yet I never see the 29 number on my machine. I don’t really understand why the app can’t be updated continuously or at least refreshed when the app is opened.

Now the app showed an AQI of 29 from 15 minutes ago, yet once again my machine showed it well below that number 15 minutes ago. So something’s not syncing up right.

I will post some questions in some other areas and see what is said about the numbers on the front of the machine.

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Twice now the App showed the AQI was 29, when on my machine it never went past 005. Clearly something is wrong. And why does it take two hours for the app to update the AQI? That’s ridiculous!

Seems like more Wyze software issues, which in the norm lately!

I may be wrong with the numbers. Let me get an answer and get back to you.

So I checked with another maven and here is his take on it:

I have always understood the the number on the unit to represent what the particle laser has most recently detected, and it will change rapidly as the last detects multiple times per second.

The number in the app is taken from the laser sensor readings but it is polling the device less frequently, either averaging recent detections or just relating the number that happened to the most recent number at the time the device was last polled. I don’t think that this is a set internal though. I think it works more like what the PM said about the aqi graphing… That the frequency can kind of vary depending on state changes of the device.

Now, when you go into the app and click on the light at the top right, you will get to the Insights page and the Indoor AQI History.


The app seems to always show my indoor AQI as 29, even though my Wzye Air Purifier has never shown that number, most often it’s 010 or below. Today the app is again showing the AQI as 29. But polling the machine once every couple of hours, makes the data old and worthless. Right now looking at the Insights page, Indoor AQI History there are no white dots on the graph, I’d think there would be some dots. I only seem to get a dot when I unplug the machine and plug it back in.

Also, can someone tell me what the vertical numbers on the graph, 0 - 500 represent? Because, if it’s supposed to be particulate matter then the PM2.5 Health Guideline dashed green line on it is wrong, as it’s positioned at around 50 on the graph.

And, above the graph the Outdoor Pollutants I have 6 of them showing. It would be nice if Wyze had it so if I pressed one of them that it would explain what they are and what the numbers mean.

Wyze sells us this air purifier with all this data and doesn’t explain what it means. WTH Wyze?!

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As someone who has made consumer hardware products, we couldn’t get anyone to read the quick start guide either :laughing: The AQI description is there on page 7. That’s where I also found the location of the mystery laser sensor, and the distance required from the wall for it to scan properly.

Doesn’t explain HOW the laser sensor works, but I wouldn’t expect that in a QSG.

Now if we can get Wyze to enable a dimming option on the display without having to use night mode, and outside/inside AQI history longer than one day? Wyze vacuum, thermostat, scale, and door lock all have a year history included. Perhaps this hasn’t been a feature request yet…