After ISP disconnect Wyze hub won't reboot?

I have no idea what my ISP did (update or temp connection issue) ?

During the few minutes, it was down.

It knocked out, my mesh RT. (It self recovered), my V1 ODC and my Wyze Sence Hub.

I got my V1 outdoor cam back, but not my Wyze sense hub.

I did several reboots and none of them took.

I really don’t want the hassle of reconnecting all these devices, that it manages.
(After a ?, delete n re-install).

Is there a hail Mary move, I can make, to reconnect to any or original. avail router ?


Sometimes if the internet is out for a while, then the hub will take a really long time before it tries again. Each time it tries to reconnect, it waits a little longer to try the next time. You can sometimes fix this by forcing it to start over with a restart so it tries again immediately.

I would try one of the following first:

  • Option 1) Unplug the power from the hub, hold in the reset button firmly (don’t slip or you’ll have to set it up again) for 30+ seconds until it powers down into a suspended status. Wait a little bit (I recommend at least 30+ seconds), then plug the power back into the hub. It will restart [and hopefully reconnect].

  • Option 2) Leave the Power cord in, hold the reset button firmly for 6-9 seconds until the LED’s start to flash. As soon as they start to flash, let go of the reset button. If you let it go too soon, you’ll have set up everything all over again. If you hold it in too long, you might factory reset it too. So let go within a second or 2 after you see the lights flash. It should take roughly 6 seconds for this to happen. Then the hub will restart and hopefully come back online.

If you are connecting Wirelessly, try moving it close to the router and plugging it in with an ethernet cord instead. From what I’ve seen, it’s usually more stable that way.

Good luck!


I’ll give both a try, in the morning.

Thx, again.