Advanced router setting to improve dowloads

When downloading video from the cameras the download is extremely slow, less than 1 mb/s. It used to be much faster, are there any advanced settings in my wifi router to check? My son has made changes to the router to improve xbox and im not sure if this could be the cause. The cameras are on the 2.4 band, have tried restarting etc, so please only reply with more advanced troubleshooting tips vs the basics.

Did your son setup any bandwidth adjustments prioritizing his gaming? If so, that could be your problem.


Yeah, I almost guarantee your son is giving huge priority to his gaming at the expense of other things that want to use the internet.

Check QoS settings on the router and tweak them until things work a little better overall. I don’t like QoS at all, but you could leave it on to let him have slightly more priority, but check and see HOW MUCH priority he is giving his XBOX over everything else and maybe reduce it a little bit to something a little less extreme if it is extreme. Your options will depend a lot on the type of router you have and your bandwidth limits, but I would definitely start by checking out the QoS settings and playing with those.

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Would yhis cause issues when the xbox is off? Hes only ove on the weekends and the issues im experiencing are consistent.

That depends on how it is configured. You can set QOS to assign a specific amount of bandwidth or to provide priority to other devices. If a limit is set using a specific amount of data like 2mb out of 10mb you get limited no matter how many devices are online.

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I agree with WildBill, it depends on the router and the settings. See what kind of QoS your router users and what options are available.

You might even be able to schedule it to only do QoS on the weekends while he is there.