Wyze Mesh Router Pro and Xbox

I recently upgraded my internet from Charter Spectrum 500 mbs to i3 Broadband Fiber @ 1 GBPS. In addition, I purchased the Wyze Mesh Router Pro. My max download speed on Wifi has been 350 and my Xbox on wifi is now extremely slow (15 MBPS). It’s only connecting using IPv4 even though IPv6 is turned on in the “LAN IP” settings. I’ve also turned on UPnP as an option in the router settings but it’s not connecting using UPnP either. I also have a warning saying the NAT is “Moderate”. Does anyone have any ideas on how to speed it up?

I’m thinking of switching my router back to see if it’s the router or the internet as I switched both at the same time. I’m thinking it’s the router because none of my other devices have this issue. When I test internet speeds near the Xbox on my phone I get 150 - 200 MBPS but the Xbox is only getting 15 MBPS.

I’ve had similar experiences. I fixed the connection speed issue by putting the satellite router close enough to plug the Xbox Series X into the 2Gbps port on the router. I regularly see download speeds between 400-500Mbps that way.

I’ve found that if I run the Xbox NAT test a few times, the NAT type will eventually appear as Open. It’s not optimal but it seems to work every time. Seems like the UPnP feature on the router is buggy.