Added a 3rd cam (v3) after a few years with 2x v2. missing configuration question

Hi all
I am not sure what the issue. maybe I am doing something wrong.
on both my v2 cams I have person detection like in pic marked v2:

however, on my new v3 cam I dont have this option like in pic marked v3
any ideas why?

On your V3’s Event Recording screen, click on Smart Detection, then you’ll see the option to select Person Detection. Make sure you have Cam Plus Lite assigned to your V3.

I think it’s because of the camera firmware. I’m guessing your camera firmware on the V3 is or a lower number. That firmware doesn’t have the needed updates to show all the other newer settings you are seeing in the V2.

People with Beta Firmware are seeing the extra options now, which means hopefully Wyze will complete testing on the firmware upgrade soon and allow everyone else to update the V3 cameras to get the newer firmware and thus the newer features.

If you don’t want to wait to get all those updates, you can join the beta program and install Beta firmware. Though it is generally recommended to just wait until the updates are thoroughly tested and released to the public normally.


wow I didnt think about that option at all - that v3 would not have something v2 does.
thanks for the update. I will wait for a formal version (and yes I am on