Person Detection Sometimes There?

I have some oddness that maybe normal. Some of my cams have the person detection, and some don’t. I just added a new v2 and it’s there, one I added a few days ago doesn’t show up in the Features page at all (and no v1s yesterday right?)

Some have it enabled in services but the detection toggle for notifications is missing.

Make sure you have the latest firmware upgrades on you older cams. You can find the current files here (How to Find Firmware) if you need to manually flash your files but you should be able to upgrade them thru the app (Account/Firmware Upgrade) or individually per cam (Settings/Device Info/Firmware Version)

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All are on the latest firmware available (beta included)

What do you mean by “Beta Included”? Are you running two apps or trying to Beta test one cam but not another?

Found the issues.
I have to go into the account, services, person detection. Then toggle it off, then on again, sometimes a couple times then it shows up in the camera notifications.

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Excellent! Glad you got it resolved!

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