Person Detection - what am I missing?

I have enabled the Person Detection service and disabled all Other Motion on a cam with Firmware v2 Yet I have seen no Person Detection events. What am i missing?

I guess you’re missing people?

But seriously, this is a beta thing. It’s not working very well, yet. I have a bird feeder in my backyard that this software thinks is a person.

:smile:, yea I am missing people & I know its Beta. Didn’t know if maybe I had something misconfigured. Found that for 1 of 2 cams where I have this turned on, I got some proper detection after rebooting the cam.

So far it has detected birds as people like crazy in my back yard

But didn’t detect the person who broke into my truck. But luckily the motion detection did and I was able to help police

It seems to me that the camera needs to be closer to the truck to determine that a person is present. Like my bird camera is very close to the feeder, I am running out of options as to how to move the camera closer to the road

So far mine has not missed an actual person but has falsely identified light flickers, bugs, birds, squirrels etc as people.
That being said I keep on sharing because it’s good software, in beta testing, and I think it will get better.
Keep on sharing…

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