Add "Flash Floodlight with Siren" toggle to Floodlight Pro

Within the Accessory Floodlight settings of the Wyze Floodlight (V1 with V3 Cam), there is a toggle setting that allows the user to set the floodlight to flash on and off when the cam siren is activated (Toggle On), or to keep the floodlight in normal motion activated operation (Toggle Off).

The Wyze Floodlight Pro lacks this feature. The default on the Floodlight Pro is to flash the floodlights whenever the siren is activated. It cannot be toggled off.

When the cam is recording at night in IR Night Vision, this results in the video image looking like a slow techno music video which is incredibly undesirable. The cam cannot react quickly enough to the instantaneous blinding light to switch to full color vision. By the time the cam starts to consider the change in lighting, the floodlights go off, the cam goes to black and tries to adjust back to a suitable contrast in IR NV only to be once again blinded by the floodlight. The result is a black and white blinking “Lights on”, “Lights off” video that is useless for a security camera.

Please add the “Flash Floodlight with Siren” toggle found in the V1 Floodlight to the Floodlight Pro.

Yes, or add a techno/EDM audio overlay onto the cloud event when the siren goes off. j/k

I agree that any feature included in the Floodlight V1 should probably be included in a Pro version as well as a general standard.

I wonder if it works any better with nightvision off. I would guess that it depends on how much other ambient light is available.

Either way, you got my vote.