Add delay for night vision auto mode cycling

In the

it’s discussed about the ir flipping on and off.

At least one of my V2’s has started doing this at dawn.
I’ve one V2 that got “stuck” with the filter halfway and Wyze replaced the camera.
It seems a little code to give it a “cool down” period could eliminate the minutes of cycling.

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I’ll tag @ArthurH here.

It’s supposed to work like this but it seems to not be working as expected in these cases. Because of this, I’m going to move this post out of the Wishlist.

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In my experience, even if the delay is working, if there’s a bright enough reflection of the IR light after night vision switches on, the camera interprets that as “day” and switches back to day mode. This creates the cycling problem.

Thank you all for organizing this thread. We are working on a fix and the test version firmware will be available by tomorrow.


@WyzeGwendolyn Does that mean it’s moved to #roadmap ?

This is more of a bug fix than an added feature. :slight_smile:

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Here are the firmware download link. Please use a SD Card to flash the firmware to only the cameras with constant day - night mode changing issues. Let me know if it works in your case. Thank you.