Day / night mode switching sensitivity

With certain lighting conditions, usually sunrise and sunset, my V2 camera will continually switch back and forth between day and night modes until the light change is enough for it to settle on one or the other. I hear a clicking sound each time it switches.

I have concerns that the extra “work” will wear out some internal components prematurely. Maybe Wyze could implement a maximum amount of times the camera would try to change modes in a given time period or something?

I agree… a five minute lockout of auto switching after an auto switch occurs would be a good idea.

Yep, I was woken up this morning to my v2 click click clicking away. Thing clicked for a good 5 minutes straight trying to figure out if it should night mode or not. Very annoying.

Agreed it can be irksome in a quiet house, but I’m more concerned about the fact that the click clicking seems to indicate some mechanical process going on inside camera, and I’m concerned about it wearing out with use.

Does anyone know for sure if any of the Wyze staff actually read through the forms, or should I submit my question as a support ticket?

If you want a response, a support ticket is the way to get one.

If you are in the Beta program, firmware was just released, and one of the issues addresses was the switching between modes. I was just trying to reproduce a “what is this?” video, and I was in a bathroom with no windows to get a dark setting, and while I was making the recording, the camera switched back to daylight mode. So they still have some kinks to work out IMO.

Unfortunately, the v2 cameras no longer have a light detector above the lense. So the mode switching is based on what the camera sees.

My guess is that the firmware added more hysteresis*. But it’s not as simple of a problem as it is for things like temperature that have a much lower rate of change.

I don’t think a minimum time between mode change would work well in general. Example. Garage with no light at night. You go to garage to get something from your car. You turn on the light, get what you needed, and turn off the light 30 seconds later. Do you really want the camera to be blind for the next 4 1/2 minutes?

I do think a short delay where the new state is stable for a minimum amount of time (maybe 5-10 seconds) may be a good thing, and perhaps the delay should be longer when changing from NV (Night Vision) to DL (Daylight) than changing from DL to NV. The NV at leas gives a usable image in DL, the opposite is not true.

Control systems

In control systems, hysteresis can be used to filter signals so that the output reacts less rapidly than it otherwise would, by taking recent history into account. For example, a thermostat controlling a heater may switch the heater on when the temperature drops below A, but not turn it off until the temperature rises above B. (For instance, if one wishes to maintain a temperature of 20 °C then one might set the thermostat to turn the heater on when the temperature drops to below 18 °C and off when the temperature exceeds 22 °C).


I’m using on my four v2 cameras and I’m still getting lots of clicking back and forth. I wouldn’t mind something to control the sensitivity. Or something that lets me say, “when in doubt, use (day/night) mode.” The constant clicking is really not pleasant.

This issue needs attention.

I have the same issue. It seems like there is a range of light that is too dark for the “day” mode, but too light for the “night” mode. A couple times a day, it will switch back and forth 5-8 times a minute for about 10 minutes. Drives me (and the pets) crazy.

When the camera is switching back and forth, are you noticing this on the video too? Or is it just a clicking noise? It seems changing modes would show on the video too.

Yeah, the video shows a bright flash every time it clicks. So its actually switching the video modes at the same time.

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Should be a rule. From "X"pm to "X"am, night vision only should be activated. Would remedy all these problems.