Ignore motion event when camera switches from color to night vision or night vision back to color

I use these cameras to monitor my deceased father’s property until we sell it. I have two v2 cameras setup inside his home. Night vision is configured to Auto. Both locations have windows in the room but lights remain off in the house. When the sun goes down, the cameras night vision turns on. This causes a motion event to record and trigger a notification to me. Likewise when the sun comes up, the cameras turn off night vision and it triggers a motion event, recording and notification. Obviously when this first happened, i freaked out but realized what happened. It should be very simple to keep a state switch for x seconds when the nigh vision turns on and off and have the motion detection routine check this switch and ignore the motion caused by the camera switching in and out of night vision mode.

Welcome to the community! I believe the night vision (IR lights) turning on and off should not trigger motion events. I don’t see any motion events on my v2 cameras that are triggered by the night vision turning on and off.

There was an issue in 2019 regarding this but I thought it was resolved by now.

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Not a direct answer but you can try turning off the LEDs and see if there is enough light to see at night anyway. That might help the issue.

My Wyze cam does this too: I am notified when the room gets light and again when it gets dark. This issue is NOT resolved, and I wish it would be.

I get a motion event when my porch lights turn on/off every night. That is normal. However, I don’t see events for when the night vision turns on/off.

Well, I do, every morning and every evening when the night vision goes off and comes on. This could easily be fixed in the firmware. How about it?

Are the cameraa seeing each other’s lights? That could trigger a false event the same way turning on a porch light does.

No they are now

One camera is outside and is not set to detect motion. The other is inside and cannot see the outdoors camera. The motion event is triggered by its own lights going on and off. Zone detection is the smallest possible area of a plain white opposite the camera. This ould be fixed in firmware by disabling motion detection for a time before and after the LEDs change state.

I see this on two of mine as well. Both are outside. One has always done it the other does it only in bad weather. Oddly a third camera at same location doesnt do it.

Doesnt bother me, but I can see how it could be frustrating.

I also have this issue version with a v2. I feel like they could code in a delay. So, if motion is triggered, query the light to see if the status just changed. If no enable event recording and notify, if yes ignore motion for x seconds. It is pretty annoying because in my case it is in a garage and there is a small period of time where it goes off and on as the sun comes up so I get like 3 motion events each time. Please Wyze look into this.

I eventually set my camera’s lights to always off, guessing that an intruder would likely turn on the lights after entry. Yes, it should be easy to fix in firmware, but Wyze is not interested. This attitude keeps me from trying any of their other products.

That sucks. They really do have a good product line started too.