Motion detected when IR light cycles on or off

It seems the vast majority of my notifications are for the IR light turning on and off. The motion detected is just the bloom as the camera readjusts to the new brightness level.

It would be nice if it ignored events that the camera created itself.

Hi @ElColonel and welcome to the community!
I’ve noticed the motion recording detected when it turns dark but not consistently.

Forced IR lamps to off and had it still happen. Thinking it may be the IR filter switching in/out as there is a solenoid inside that might shake the guts enough. Yes, I do see the bloom as it adjusts, too.

Out of curiosity, try shutting off the IR lights and see if you get same results. I’d like to know.

Have a CamPan, firmware updated to latest. CamPan AUTO-switches from day to night mode. When the switch occurs, especially from night to morning, when the sunlight comes in from the glass door in the cam’s vision radius, The mode switch automatically triggers an alert, most probably due to the change in sunlight level at some almost consistent time each day, I will check if reducing the motion detection will BYPASS this problem. However, the real solution is to correct the cam’s software logic as follows:

Tweak the cam’s software to not initiate a new alert if the switch from day/night mode occurred N milliseconds just before the alert was triggered.

It should be that simple!

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I agree, it is a logic problem. Vote for it @RSL

Follow-up. Reducing motion detection by 50% did NOT resolve this false positive alert. Reducing it by about 90% did. However, the main goal of purchasing this product was for maximum detection of real events. Please fix the bug!

Voted, @dr.know.

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Mask out IR vision switching event detection

My Pan Cam V1 sometimes triggers motion events when the IR night vision turns on or off creating false events. This event triggering should be able to be masked out easily through a firmware update i.e., light conditions sense the need to switch IR on or off - disable motion and sound event triggering - switch IR night vision on or off - re-enable motion and sound event triggering.