Motion events and Night vision in auto mode

Does Wyze deactivate motion detection while changing to/from Night Vision…?
Have had my V2 “LivingroomCam” and “BackyardCam” up and running for a week now, with Night Vision set to “Auto”…
Coming from D-link cams which gave me a motion detection event every time Night vision was turned on or off, i’m surprised to see, that the Wyze doesn’t have this flaw… Or have i just been lucky…?

My experience is no. Wyze uses a motion detection through change in pixels(comparison) I believe. I have 3 cameras 2 outside and don’t receive a notification when night vision is turned on. I do see the screen flash as I have some older devices monitoring the live feed when I’m sitting in my chair in the evening.

But just to be clear…:
Do you mean no to my level of luck or to the functionality…? :blush:

I want to deactivate the motion sensor when there is a lots of people, partying or gathering,
Can you please tell me how can i do it?