Feature request: Motion detection alerts for Night vision mode ONLY


I have areas monitored by WyzeCam where motion alerts are actual when it is dark. By other words when light is on it is definitely authorised access (as light can be turned on from secure area). It is highly inconvenient to turn on / off motion alerts each time when this area is visited by family members.

It should be useful to have option like “Send motion alerts for Night vision mode ONLY”. What can add to WyzeCam functionality like automatic arm / disarm for lighting conditions. Thank you!

Hi Bodya! That’s an interesting scenario. I can understand why turning on motion alerts for night mode only would be useful to you. I’ll let Tao know about this so he can do a feasibility check for implementation.

Thank you!

In addition to scenario described by me above, it is easy to see more benefits, for example my cars are parked next to area where pedestrians are walking all the time in day, it is pointless to have Motion alerts in daytime, but when it is dark person or car should trigger alert as it can be suspicious. Of course alert schedule can help somehow, but some kind of automation of course is better.

Yes that might be another good scenario! I’ll be sure to pass this on. Thanks for your feedback!

I wholeheartedly agree. I only want alerts for night activity. Additionally, I don’t even care to record any other time, so it would be fabulous to be able to only record as well as only alert either just when night vision is active or just during specified times.