Light vacation mode triggers camera motion alert

The Vacation Mode on Wyze lights triggers a motion alert on my Wyze cameras. The cameras and lights are located together. I also have the motion alert on the camera to turn on the Wyze lights.

I guess these modes are mutually exclusive?

The cameras trigger “motion alerts” when it detects pixel changes within the frame or set detection zone. So when the lights turn on, the room illuminates there for many, if not all pixels change triggering the alarm. If you have a Wyze sence motion sensor, that detects actual motion. You want to go that route if you don’t want the lights tripping alerts.


or you could just have it alert you for person detection only.


Both great ideas. Thanks.

I turned on Person Detection and Turned off Motion Detection. Wyze detected a wall full of framed paintings (no persons in the paintings) as a Person Detected event and sent a notification.

I’ll keep testing. Hopefully this is an isolated event and the got it wrong just this once.

I don’t have Wyze Sense yet.

Person detection is dependent on motion detection, you need to have them both on and then just set notifications for person only.

The reason it depends on motion detection is when the cam detects motion it creates the video and analyzes for people in it. Without motion detection it will never have a video to analyze.