A look-alike pan v3 has different firmware

Hi! :raised_hands:
I have bought a v3 pan cam in my country. But the firmware it has is limited.

Can I make a backup of this firmware?

I would like to test the original firmware. I have it ready to flash. But then I would like to be able to go back to the original firmware that my camera came with.

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In what way is it limited? It should have stock firmware installed. You stated in the Topic Title that it has modified firmware. How was it modified?

You cannot make a backup copy of the firmware that is physically on the cam, however production firmware versions are available for download so that they can be manually flashed to the cam. The Pan V3 has the current production version and two prior versions available for download. Or, you can just update the cam firmware in the Account → Firmware UI.

If the version currently installed on the cam isn’t available for download, then there will be no way back. Here is the download page. Blue version numbers are links to download.


Thank you very much for answering.

The firmware it comes with is modified by a local telephone company in my country.

The limitations are:

It does not allow the use of sdcard.
The video recordings are uploaded to a cloud, which is provided by this company.

The wyze app cannot be used, an app from this same company is used.

Anyway, I’m going to try the flash process, and I’ll tell you if it allows me to do it.


Interesting. :thinking:

Did you buy the cam directly from your ISP? Does it have the Wyze logo on it or does it just look like the same cam?

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Ok I did the tests and it is not possible to flash.

I have tried with different names of bin files, and formatting the sdcard completely.

The camera was bought from my ISP, it has a different logo. And the configuration voice is also modified.

Apparently the camera must have a protected bootloader that does not allow the flash process. Or the method is different.

:slight_smile: I cant use it with alexa or google assistant. Everything is limited in the modified firmware . A sadness indeed. :melting_face:

Ah, so it sounds like they’re just using an ODM version of the device from the supplier. This is not uncommon, but it should be noted that it is likely that although the case looks the same, the hardware is probably slightly different, making the firmware entirely incompatible. In this case, you would have to buy directly from Wyze to be able to use it on the Wyze app.

Even with Roku, Wyze is directly involved with a partnership to help them offer smart devices, but the firmware is still incompatible between them even though they look identical on the outside, they aren’t completely identical on the inside.


Oh! maybe.
In any case, I will continue investigating, and testing alternatives or firmwares xD. Maybe I can ask some of the Wyze members, who are developing various firmware mods.

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If you want the Wyze functionality provided by the Wyze Firmware and App, best to buy a Wyze Cam.

Had I known up front that it wasn’t a Wyze Cam, as the thread title indicates, I would have told you that it wasn’t possible to flash Wyze Firmware to a non-Wyze cam even if they look the same.


Hola, sos de Argentina y la compraste en Personal? Yo estoy en la misma y quiero usarla por rtsp o usar el firmware original de wyze para usar la SD, además uso Home Assistant para domótica y quiero integrarla , creo que por ese lado voy a poder pero lo veo complicado, podríamos contactar para ver las pruebas que vamos haciendo, saludos

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Hi, are you from Argentina and did you buy it from Personal? I have the same and I want to use it with RTSP or use the original wyze firmware to use the SD card feature. I also use Home Assistant for home automation and I want to integrate it. I think I’ll be able to on that side but I see it as complicated. We could exchange information to compare tests results. Greetings