2023 is it time to buy other vacuum robots than Wyze?

I was a big fan of Wyze. Good engineering at good prices.

Yet lately, it seems their products were not as good as cracked up to or they have bad talent.


I have two robot vacuums. Same model number and Dat yet they are “up to date” with different versions of firmware that are even different from what Wyze support say it should be. Weird.

But the the worst, in 2023 one robot would start spinning in circles and get lost. I worked with support for hours and it has not improved.

I think it is time to drop Wyze yet want to give them a choice and asked to speak to an executive for customer service. They stopped responding even after a couple of attempts.

What would you all suggest?

If you have a different firmware on 2 different devices then it means you must have enrolled in beta firmware for the Wyze Robot Vacuum on one of them in the past. I also have beta firmware, so I am in this group too. The beta tract branched off in a different direction and Wyze is working to recombine them again, but there are some logistical problems causing delays. They have publicly stated that the firmware merger is expected to cause a limited percentage of units on the beta tract to become temporarily non-responsive and need to fixed and they want to prepare for this to work as smoothly as possible for those affected. At least that’s what I last heard.

I don’t think you can talk to anyone who can change the timeline on that. They won’t launch it before they’re ready. They should eventually launch the merger for the beta firmware tract devices, but I think that all we can realistically do for now is wait.

There is an AMA related to the firmware team on Tuesday on Reddit. Somebody could ask them for an updated ETA on the firmware merger then.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a product out there to meet my needs either. I’ve been trying to wake people up to this fact however, they seem to ignore any business common sense, and maybe they like to online “talk a lot” I guess it helps them feel better about their purchase of bad products. I am glad you have opened your eye’s to the problems that all are about to ultimately face soon… Company files bankruptcy. Owners walk away with $millions$
Just take a look at all the hits the company is facing one product after another… and really no real fixes just the online users helping other users and with only excuses by the company with false promises.
SOLUTION!!! Take your loss and move on

I’d be very surprised if this startup has any money in the bank beyond operating costs, not to mention millions to walk away with. Anything in the bank is probably controlled by their investor board.