Any news on Robot Vac updates

Curious on any info on development for the firmware of the robot vac?

Wyze is preparing for the next firmware update. They are concerned that it is going to render some people’s devices unresponsive, so before they allow anyone to upgrade they are working out the logistics to minimize the negative impact to those who are affected this way. Once they feel comfortable that they have everything in place, they will probably slowly release the firmware update. They have not told us much beyond that for the time being. We don’t have an ETA yet.


Forgive me, but this was the story 9-months ago.


One of Wyze’s excuses here was having sufficient inventory to replace any bricked beta testers robot vacs. Well, since Walmart is now selling the robot vac, I assume they have available/sufficient inventory. Unless they’re prioritizing Walmart. Which wouldn’t surprise.

I’m not a beta tester, just a customer with a vacuum that is buggy as hell and in desperate need of a firmware update. Last public software update was March 2021.

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One of the features that has been discussed is multiple floor’s maps. Is that still on the list?

Yes. I just heard today that Gwendolyn said on Facebook that they are trying to push for Wyze to try the update in January, but that is not official, just what Gwendolyn is pushing for. But at least it gives us an idea that they could be fairly close within the next couple months or so if everything keeps looking good.

Again, there was no hard promise or official ETA, just what at least one community manager publicly said they are trying to push for.