2.46 app Release Candidate Beta Test 10/10/2023


  • Android: 2.46.0.b363

  • iOS: 2.46.0(3)

What’s New:

  • Improved UX when adding cameras to camera groups

  • Fixed the bug that prevented opening Instagram in the Wyze Community page (Android)

  • Fixed the crash that happened when filling in the Wi-Fi page during product setup (Android)

  • Bug fixes


Floodlight Pro doesn’t zoom on Portrait mode in Android like all other cam models do

With all other cams, zooming on the video feed in the app makes the picture fill the whole screen, and back to just the top half when zoomed out.

On the Floodlight Pro, the pic does not increase to the full screen, it stays within the original window on top half of screen.

This is with v2.46.0 (b363) and with prior version.

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Android 13

NOT FIXED: VDBv1 will load live stream when it is a single device within the device list and will load to the proper HD settings. When the VDBv1 is placed in a Group, it will NOT load the Live Stream. Stalls at Connecting Step 1 of 3 and never resolves. Entering the Cam Settings and immediately pressing back will successfully load the Live Stream, however the video is in 480p. Log File 1199883

Floodlight Pro Android Portrait Zoom: Tested on Moto G Stylus 5G 2023. Double tap on the video image produces a full screen portrait zoom centered on the tap point. Another double tap restores standard portrait view with video at the top. Tested against the same actions on a V3, OG, V3Pro and PanV3. All produce the same behavior. Could not reproduce zoom issue.

Event Report Slideshow & Timeline:

  • Slide Show continues to play at Warp 10. Not useful for reviewing events unless it is slowed to a reasonable speed.
  • VDBv1 Doorbell Slideshow Event Thumbnails and Timeline Event Videos are rotated counterclockwise 90°.

Like the new UX for adding a Cam to a group by clicking the Plus +.

Suggestion: Change it to a “+/-” and show the cams that are already assigned to that group at the top of the list with a green box and checkmark already filled in so that cams can also be removed from the group using this same UX.

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I just tested this on My Android Device running the RC version of the App 2.46.0 (b363), I am not having any issues. I am attaching a Video of me starting my Flood Light Pro and in landscape view, double tapping on the screen and it zooms in. Am I doing something different? or am I misunderstanding what you are saying?


Have you tried changing Hardware Decoder toggle at Wyze app home > Account > App Settings?

It was already off. Turning it on didn’t change it.

Please submit a log from the app and post the Log ID for dev review.




Can you also post a video of what you are seeing?

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How the heck do I get the video small enough to post?

I use a product called Handbrake. It will take a video and encode if for different players or encode it for smaller files

I use Video Compressor and set it to 5MB.

Or you can post it to YouTube or a public cloud storage directory and paste the link here.


This seems simpler. :slight_smile:

When I use Handbrake, I will select 1080 or 720 Very fast mode with 30fps. seems to do the trick all the time.

But this seems simpler if you set the size you want and it does it

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It is the only one I have used. I saw it had a 4.8 rating and tried it. You have to deal with some ads, but I don’t use it that often so for free, I will watch a few ads.

Ok, I see you doubletapped and it filled screen.
I didn’t know you could do that.
Double tapping works, but on all the other cams, you can just spread your fingers to start zooming without double tapping, and it will start filling the screen as you go. But not on the floodlight pro.

I made a 1 minute video, but I cant get the file small enough to fit in here or the upload feature.

I ended up using the screen record feature, which still made it 83 meg, then I did an “add to” animation

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Completely reproducible on my end for the FLP. The spread zoom doesn’t transition to full screen like the other cams.

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Thanks for the video, as with @Slabslayer, it is reproducible.

Never thought about using 2 fingers pinch mode. :slight_smile:


@jeff_sloan @SlabSlayer

I also reported this and was informed that Wyze is looking into it. Thanks for pointing it out @jeff_sloan .

There should be UI consistency across all cameras. As much as possible. :slight_smile:

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Why does Google Play hate me?

I still don’t have this RC beta showing up :sob: I’m stuck on the previous beta with no update available. I swear this happens to me 3 times as often as anyone else that reports it (happens to some others once in a while, just way more often to me).