Flood light cams not viewable on pixel 6 phone

I purchased 2 flood lights. After going through setup process. I can’t view live cams. I can see paybacks. I’m using a pixel 6 phone to set them up. Android version 12. Verified with tech support that network is good, all cams and flood lights are running latest firmware.
Here’s where I’m at at loss. I also have a Samsung Galaxy 21 ultra running Android 12, Wyze app version same as Pixel, V2.28.0 (102) it can see live and playback view on this floods cams. We tried resetting floods, logging out of Wyze and re logging back in on Pixel, no luck. Any other suggestions to try?
By the way, all my other Wyze cameras work just fine on my pixel 6, doorbell, pan scan, outdoor Cam , and Wyze cam v1 all work just fine.

Welcome to the forums! Can you explain " I can’t view live cams" more? Do you see an error message? Does it get hung up on the counting it does during connecting? More info or screen shots?

Both cameras, when selected they start to load 1 of 3 then authenticating 2 of 3, then 3 of 3 getting video. Shows all black in the video window, then times out. " Connection failed". But if I do this on a Galaxy 21 ultra, it works perfectly fine.

Interesting side note, I am able to control the flood lights even though I don’t have live video.

Were you able to fix the issue ?


Unknown, check with the OP.

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Yes, problem was resolved. Apparently, enabling the hardware decoder tab on the Wyze app will prevent me from viewing live feed on " And only on" Floodlight cameras. After multiple calls and hours of trouble shooting, I tried disabling it and it worked. We have Samsung and Apple phones as well as the Pixel 6. All others had no problem seeing the camera live, it would only effect the Pixel. Hope my information might be of use for your future. Thanks.


Thanks for posting your resolution here as I’m having the same exact issue right out of the box with a Pixel 6.

Though I’m curious as to where you accessed this setting: Within the Wyze app or within the Pixel 6 settings for the Wyze app?



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Yep, within the Wyze app. Account > App Settings (near the bottom) > Enable Hardware Decoder.