2.4 Beta Release on 6/12

Sorry for the issue. Would you mind sending me an app log?

It’s pretty random, but I’ll send a log when the thumbnails don’t show up

Sorry how do we get the app log for Android?

  • In the app, go to AccountHelp & FeedbackReport an Issue
  • Fill out the fields, and make sure Send log file is checked
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Thank you Bill!


Just noticed this…

Did the auto updater stop? Had to manually upgrade my cameras today. Still have one left due to it being unplugged at the second and not a bulk upgrade issue. But I could have sworn I told it to auto update the firmware on these cameras when there was an update.

LOVE the new look of the events area. I love the bold writing. It makes it truly pop.

Notice a minor buglet with the latest iOS release.

  • Go to Events
  • Select all events
  • The app says up at the top that all the events are selected, but the checkmark next to each event is not checked.

If I delete all the events they do get deleted, it’s just that they aren’t marked as selected as I believe they should be (and were in a previous beta, if I remember correctly)


I’m also seeing this on iPad 6th gen. IOS 12.2, functions properly, not visibly selected on left side of event.

How did you find that setting? I am not getting pictures on my series 3.

On your iPhone … Apple Watch App … Notifications … scroll all the way down and you should see “WYZEBETA.” Make sure it’s toggled on.

My Series 1 watch now shows a still pix of most WYZE “person” alerts.

Hope this helps.

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Ah. Yeah I have that set. I thought it was something different.

I used the Upgrade All option and all of my Wyze Cam v2s upgraded without issues. I was not prompted to upgrade the Bridge firmware so I did that manually from the Device Info section. For both of my Bridges the firmware update said it failed, but I can now disable the LED and they’re reporting the latest firmware so I assume that was due to a timeout or other error.

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I had the same issue. I’m assuming the camera upgrade continues in the background independent of your phone. After a phone timeout the app still caches the old version for the camera and thinks the upgrade has not taken place and attempts again even though it was successful. Killing the app and restarting it fixes the problem.

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Just out of curiosity … how long does it take for an update to go from the Beta stage to being released to the general public? also, who qualifies for Beta? do all the cameras have to be on the Beta release or can you have some cams on the regular firmware and other cams on the Beta?

I don’t know about the official Wyze policy but:
Time varies, some of the important stuff, like security gets pushed through QUICK.
As for who qualifies it seems anyone that wants to can apply for beta.
Concerning cameras I’m running a mix -
Several cams on old versions in order to do time lapse (probably will upgrade theses soon), one or 2 cams on RTSP, a few cams on the latest and greatest Beta.
I’ve a couple of cams 900 miles from me that I hesitate to upgrade and risk them requiring a physical intervention.

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If this has been asked before, I apologize in advance.

I uploaded my two cameras to the rtsp firmware. Will those cameras be updated when I click ‘update firmware’ or is that only for non-beta non-rtsp firmware?


I have had a few days with this new beta. I have used only the previous beta which had person and vehicle notification. It also had sense support with door left open messages, so that was not a new add for me. So here are my observations on this beta. Please thank the development team for the continued opportunity to test new features, I am hoping our feedback will lead to great person detection and sense features.

Person detection seems to have taken a step backward. In a few days I have now gotten more false negatives (and only a few false positives) than in the entire week I used the previous beta. (I got in late on that one). I have provided feedback on the event review “share” option, so hopefully the next version will be improved to at least what the previous beta was able to accomplish, if not better.

Door left open has also taken a step backward. I did update the sense firmware to the latest. I used to get pretty reliable open/close and left open notifications. But now, things are all messed up. For example, today, I left the house at 11:23 and physically checked that the door was closed. 20 minutes later I get an left open for longer than 20 minutes alert (that’s the time I have set). I am away from home, but I check the app and it says my door is open. I get home hours later and find out my door is closed. I open it to enter and immediately close it. The time is now 3:06. My event log says that the door was left open for 6 minutes starting at 11:23 and the door is currently marked as open (it’s not, it’s closed and I watched the sense light on the sensor detect a change of state as it closed). I open the door at 4:01 and now the history shows the door left open an unknown time at 3:06 and is now open. I immediately shut the door and now the history changes to Door currently closed, open for 41 seconds at 4:01 and open for 2 minutes at 3:06. So, it’s actually keeping track of the door open and close times but is incorrectly displaying status and only catches up on the next door open/close cycle.


Thank you for reporting the bug! I can replicate the issue too.


Will there eventually be the option to cloud record only Person events?

I’m afraid I might be missing some person events because they’re happening during the five minute cool down period after being triggered by non-person motion.

What does the signal strength look like between the sensor and the bridge? I’m wondering if it could be a weak signal? I’ve been seeing something similar with a motion sensor after the upgrade as well, but this sensor does only have one bar of signal strength.