New Beta App and firmware with Person&Vehicle detection was launched (2.3.80)

Hello, Beta testers,

We unveiled a new Beta App and firmware with Person and Vehicle detection, alongside the new firmware on Cam v2 ( and Pan ( We need your support to help us improve the algorithm by reporting what you have seen in the event video. Hope you will enjoy the new AI-powered feature! Thank you so much.

  • Added Person and Vehicle Tagging feature (for v2 & Pan only). It needs a firmware update and can be turned on/off in the Advanced Settings page
  • Added People and/or Vehicle tags in the Event page
  • Added feedback UI in the Event video page. Please help us improve the algorithm by reporting what you see in the video (the video is only used for improving the algorithm).


  • No behavior changes when ‘Person and Vehicle Tagging’ is off. When ‘Person and Vehicle Tagging’ is on, we have the following behavior:
  • We temporarily turned off motion tagging, the Wyze logo, and the timestamp when the feature is on. This is for testing only to collect clean videos with customer’s permission.
  • The feature (especially Vehicle Tagging) is still in an early stage and may have mistakes. We are going to improve the algorithm over time but need your help to provide feedback both when there are inaccuracies and when it’s correct.

Ok, upgraded

I upgraded and I see the new Person & Vehicle tagging option, but is it just me – does upgrading REMOVE the RTSP option?

Upgraded to new app on my aged iPhone 5C … no problem.

Updated to new firmware all four of my Wyze Cam in “update all” mode. No problem.

Noticed Person and Vehicle was turned on for all cameras. Two of my cameras are inside the house … do you want me to leave on Person or Vehicle tagging for inside cameras … when only reports would be people?

Nevermind :slight_smile: I figure it out.

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I guess I am at a loss…what exactly is this new option doing…you do not really identify how it works and what it does…please let me know




Without knowing what it does or should do, we can’t really test since we don’t know what we are looking for.

Look for people, vehicles or both and tag them.

After upgrading one V2 and my Pan Cam the time and date have disappeared.
I tried a reboot on the Pan Cam and that seems to bring it back. My V2’s are out of reach for now so, I’ll have to try them later.

They temporarily turned off motion tagging, the Wyze logo, and the timestamp when the feature is on. This is for testing only to collect clean videos with customer’s permission.

Thanks for the heads up.

I saw that in the initial post, but what does that mean?
If we enable that are we simply sending Wyze our video?

after posting this, a vehicle passed in front of the camera and was captured in the Events tab.

Is the plan to be able to only show events that are people and vehicles or are we going to be able to tag them as known people and vehicles

I Think it is like an ability to label what’s in the video.
I’m hoping it is going to eliminate bug alerts By having that feature turned on

Hey, you’re right. I turned off people & vehicle tracking on two of my V2’s … and both had time and date.

There was no time and date on the two V2’s that had the people & vehicle tracking still turned on!

Turned off people & vehicle, and the time and date popped up.

Then turned people & vehicle tracking back on … and the time and date stayed on. I didn’t reboot any cameras.

Whoops … nope … after a few minutes time and date display on live view drops out on my aging iPhone 5C whenever People & Vehicle tracking is turned on for that camera.

I upgraded 4 v2’s and 1 Pan Cam and only show the time and date when people & vehicle tracking is turned off just like HDRock said. It only happens when P&V detection is enabled.
Go figure. I can learn to live without it, maybe for a little while. It is still beta.

even with Person & Vehicle tagging off my date/time stamp is missing from all my cameras after updating.

edit: toggling P&V tagging on and off again brought by the date/timestamp for me.

What is the current beta release of firmware as of this posting? I made an attempt to enable the P&V tagging but it says to upgrade my FW. My FW is showing When I go to the FW update page it says that your FW is up to date. (scratches head)

Same here, only mine is, firmware’s up to date

It seems you are on a higher version number than the Beta firmware, please downgrade your firmware by flashing through the SD card first, and then check the firmware upgrade. Thank you.

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