"Person & Vehicle Tagging" in Advanced Settings

Hey Guys! The title explains it. I don’t know what this feature is, but I’m excited by the title!! When I go to turn it on it claims I need the latest firmware, but I have the latest. Anyone know about this? I’m assuming I just have to be patient for the new firmware, ha. I’m just getting excited and impatient.

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Honestly cannot wait for this feature to come out. I have it on another camera that was well over $200 bucks but the thing hasnt been updated in over a year firmware wise. If this feature comes out I am replacing the other camera for sure. Or at least maybe the internals and putting the wyzecam inside it. And using the IFTTT to light up the spot light on the top of it.

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For several days, when I would pull up events on 1 of my 8 cameras, the app would ask me to identify if the movement was caused by a vehicle, person, both or none. But, I just checked and it no longer does that.