2.32 app RC test 6/9/2022

As usual, app update still not available to me on Android. Updated the @#$%^& iPhone yesterday, but the phone that I use primarily, and with the current version is un-usable can’t update…

You’re doing better than me. Android b148 is totally un-usable. App crashes if selecting a camera group, and any individual camera selected just goes to a blank white screen.

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Same here, but it’s not usual for me. :confused:

You must be running Android 10.


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I am using the RC App b150 for Android

Can you post what your Rule Looks like so I can set one up the same way and see if Mine acts the same?

Also note: one of the Cameras I tested on has CPP on it as well. So I don’t think that is the issue. I am also setup for Person Detection and Notifications.

This is really interesting to me. I have not experienced any crashes when selecting Camera Groups or even tapping on a live stream.

I wonder what the difference is between my setup and yours.

Android app 2.32.0.b150 just arrived for me in the Play Store. :+1:

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They’re running b148 under Android 10. Critical issues with that combo.

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Let us know how your testing goes with the crashing

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Yea, that seems to be the combo to which causes the issue. But b150 says it corrects the Android 10 issue.

But we haven’t been able to download the latest version until just now.

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I realize that. This is why it will be interesting.

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Just for grins while I was at lunch, I uninstalled Wyze beta from my phone and re-installed it. still came up as b148 and still crashed when opening camera groups and displayed a blank white screen when selecting individual cameras. This was with Android 10.

However, FINALLY, I was able to update to v2.32.0 (b150) a few minutes ago. I can watch both individual cameras and cameras in groups now.


Glad you are able to view them now

This issue identified in 2.32 app Beta test 6/2/2022, remains open. It is critical that it be resolved before moving from RC to GA.

So the issue of tapping on the live stream causes a problem is still going on for you?

Where are you tapping and are you viewing in Landscape or Portrait?

Need to read the details in the post.

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:slight_smile: Read it. Just trying to determine what you are doing differently. I just tested my Cam Pan v2 without issue, I recorded it if you would like me to post it.

I did the double tap, Pinch, and controlling the camera with swiping.

Aren’t you running Android 12?

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