2.22 Release Candidate app Test 7/1/2021

  • iOS: 2.22.16(2)

  • Android: 2.22.16

  • Rolled back the OS compatibility change to give more time for people to update

  • Fixed a crash issue during Wyze Sprinkler Controller setup (Android)

  • Security improvements

  • Other bug fixes


Don’t see it in the Android app store. Will install when available.

Went to Google, showed an update button, updated me to v2.22.12.
NOT .16
/edit - it seemed to go through the process, announced complete, still at .12

The update is there now. I just did the install and got .16.

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Android Device: Finally got the update and installed without issues.
iOS Device: Got the install earlier today and as with the Android, installed without issues.

Will start some testing.

Hub Home screen still has a bug (unless it’s just come back again…but I think it was @spamoni4 who reported this a few app versions ago, I can’t remember for sure)…basically it won’t let us see all the sensors from the Hub screen. If we try to scroll down to see more, we get the spinning thinking icon, then it disappears and never shows the rest of the sensors. I can only see my top 10 sensors plus 2 keypads from the Hub screen as shown:

I’m assuming this just never got fixed from previous reports and isn’t something that just came back again.

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Tried again, uninstalled, reinstalled - still .12
third time - cleared cache, uninstalled, rebooted phone, TRIED to reinstall from Play store, hung on 99% of 99.61 MB for 5 minutes before finally going to install, still came up as v2.22.12.
Shows me in the Beta program for all my devices.
can’t continue to waste time on this.

As somewhat regularly, I had to force stop the app before the Play Store would do an update, but after doing that, the update was shown and installed fine.
I don’t have any sensors, so can’t confirm carverofchoice’s report.


You are correct. I did report this in the past then was working on other items. Thanks for pointing this out.

I confirmed that it is still happening on mine as well. You cannot scroll the screen to see all of the sensors. This only happens on Android devices.

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Potential issue with In-App Notifications sticking. This is similar to the past issue we had with Email Notifications. I set my In-App Notifications located under the Account / Notifications to on for all. I went in just now and the settings were off. This is on an Android 11 device running the latest Beta of the app 2.22.16.

Here is the picture of the screen showing unchecked - which is incorrect. Followed by me checking it, which is what I set.


I confirm. In app notifications were all set to on. I just checked, they were all off. I reset them to on and will check back in an hour or so and see if they switch back off again like we had problems with before.


Good news.

All’s good app-wise for me lately (production 2.21.27 currently) except for the following, which you may consider a ‘hail mary’ appeal - I don’t really expect it to be fixed before I am OS-excluded from further updates but I have a strong arm so what the hell… :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed recently (Ican’t confirm this behavior wasn’t in the previous build) most times, when I open my doorbell cam (Android and IPadOS), my resolution reverts to 480. I can’t find a reproducible pattern, unfortunately. I first discovered this a few days ago - So I set it back to HD a couple of times a day (sometimes on Android other times on IPad) to no avail.

iPad 2.22.16
Android 2.22.16

I meant to check back on this. It’s been 4 days now, and I can confirm that this setting stayed set on, so at least we’re not having the automatic off issue we had with a previous version of the app. Everything is staying in the right position now after setting it at least.

Still have the Hub Home screen bug not letting us view all the sensors when we have more than 10-12. the app itself seems okay. Some of the newer beta firmwares that go with it seem a little buggy though (hub beta firmware for example).

I just checked mine as well and it was off again. I did do a phone reboot. Maybe that is what does it. or maybe a clear cache. I will need to check each of those.

Thank you for posting this problem. Could you submit a device log from Wyze app and let me know the log number please? Thank you very much.

Absolutely! Thank you so much for the communication and being willing to look into things we report. Many of us love helping when we know it is productive.

I recreated the issue again in my app again just before submitting the log, in case it is helpful.

Log ID: 246861

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@carverofchoice , I still have the issue as well.
@WyzeBaohua , I have sent a log in. Log # 246953 if it helps as well.

Here is my image, just like Carverofchoice:

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@carverofchoice @spamoni4 Thank you for the log information. I have submitted that bug to the sense hub PM, and I will follow-up once the bug has been resolved. Thanks again!


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