2.42 Release Candidate #2 Test 5/18/2023


  • Android: 2.42.0.b289
  • iOS: 2.42.0(20)

What’s New:

  • Fixed a crash that happened with camera groups

  • Bug fixes


Installed on both Android and iOS. Will test and see if al is ok. :slight_smile:


Installed on iPad. Single view still not centred vertically. Big black banner on top is ugly.

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I am in the beta group but have not seen an update to the app nor firmware. What is the timeline for beta testers to get these?

Are you sure you are part of the Beta Group? I was looking to see who is part of the Beta Testers and did not see your name there.

You can go here to become a beta tester and see if it shows you as already registered or needing to be registered:

Become a Beta Tester – Wyze




Thanks for the screen shots. Allowing Beta Firmware is controlled by going to:

Account > About > Beta Program

Then tapping on Edit and selecting the FW you wish to get Beta FW for. I select All devices. :slight_smile:

The First line should indicate if you app is Beta or not.

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I have a group of climate sensors in a group, upon tapping into each sensor, the temperature and humidity graph is missing. If I click on the graph icon on the top and exit the menu, it will load in. Upon leaving and then re entering the sensor where the graph just loaded, it is missing again. Seems more like a visual bug than an actual sensor problem.
Log ID: 1049037
iPhone 12 Pro Max
App Version 2.42.0 (20)


Nice find cyberdog_17. :+1:

No problem under Android app version 2.42.0 (b289):


Great Catch. I did see that before on a couple of mine. I changed the Batteries and it began to work fine again. Wonder if that could be the issue with yours


That’s a good thought! I have a mixture of low battery and normal battery climate sensors (based on their locations) and I see the graphical error on both. I’m wondering if when you removed the battery from the sensor, the reboot fixed it?


Possible, but I replaced the Batteries in two if them. Should have put them back in to test I guess.

One is outside on the porch the other is in the house.

Does anyone notice in camera groups that have quite a few cameras that require scrolling through the cameras in the group, that the cameras don’t stay loaded once you scroll? So when you scroll to the bottom, then back to the top, they have to reload

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I have 14 cameras in a single group and have not had this issue on either my Samsung Tab 8 nor Galaxy 22 Ultra. Anyone using the web interface from a PC? I really like it. I can get to the cameras from anywhere

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That’s normal. When scrolling and a cam stream is no longer in view, the app releases the stream connection. Not sure about release timing (X seconds) although it’s pretty short.


Before the loading UI change, they actually stayed loaded. It was post loading UI change I started experiencing this. Not a favorable change if it’s intentional.

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I’m looking at production Wyze app for iOS version and it releases the non-visible streams. It just reconnects extremely fast, like some authentication was maintained. Beta not only reconnects slower than production, some streams appear as error code -90 when you scroll back to a previously connected stream.

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Will someone with an iPhone (NOT iPad) running iOS 15 or greater please see if this production version issue has been resolved for this release candidate?

This video capture is from an iPhone running iOS 15.7.6 using the current production Wyze app version 2.41.5 (5).

Rotating iPhone from portrait to landscape while viewing a cam group results in partial 2-cam stream with left-right swiping to see other streams instead of one 4-cam view:


iPhone 13 with iOS version 16.5 and app version 2.42.0 (20) working correctly. Tested with group sizes of 3 cameras, 4 cameras, and 10 cameras.