08/10 Resolved: Remote Connection Issues

Yay it works! Thanks. All 3 new camera works


My 3 cameras just said “set up complete” and began working. Seems like they fixed it!


SOLID BLUE!! Thank you guys for seeing that this was mitigated even on a weekend and probably late!! You guys are seriously the best.


Wyze team keeping us informed :+1:

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@CaptainMark Thanks so much …I never thought a solid blue light could ever look so good :blush:…thanks for all your hard work!

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Greetings, I am a new user of the Wyze cam v2. Currently has two but I am still experiencing live stream issues with one unit outside of local Wi-Fi area. Any updated solution to this issue?

@daniel.cornwall1993 If this is happening on only one of two cameras, then it doesn’t sound like it’s a problem with your firewall or something like that.

Can you try the steps listed here: Live stream not hooking up to Cellular data - #118 ?

Also, force quit and restart the app on your phone after doing those steps. Try to connect via cellular and let us know if it’s working.

OK, so I have restarted the camera multiple times using the app from my Wi-Fi network at work since I wasn’t able to physically reset and also I restarted my phone and the issue seems to be resolved. I can now live stream both cameras away from home on both data and another Wi-Fi network. Thanks for suggestion though @Loki appreciate it


So it appears this is affecting 2 of my 5 installed cameras. 2 cameras have been offline while I am out of my local network. Is this issue still being worked on? I am out of town and dont have direct access to the cameras. Both cameras have been installed and working for a long time.

I had to restart 2 or 3 of my cameras yesterday when they were playing with the servers because they wouldn’t stay on-line. Luckily, I had smart switches on each of them. Worked perfectly afterwards. If you are still having trouble power-cycle, and if that doesn’t work re-setup the cam.

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After reading all of these and noticing the number of similar issues to mine, I am just about ready to ditch the Wyze cameras for ones that are reliable and work correctly. Too many problems with them to consider them my go-to cameras.

I was impressed with how the WYZE team jumped into the issue and worked to fix it until it was made right. All along the way, keeping the community informed and updated about progress and findings. This was my experience. Perhaps that isn’t how it played out for everyone but I’d say, WYZE probably has the best customer service I have ever dealt with and are clearly willing to work hard for the customer until their products function properly for the customer. My cameras were partially functional for about a day and when I voiced my concern, I was heard and responded to immediately. The four cameras I set up were all having the same issue and by the end of the next day, the problem was solved and they’ve been functioning as expected ever since. Hope this helps.


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Jono—totally agree with the customer service kudos. All of my contact with Wyze has been dealt with by considerate and customer service oriented individuals. No fault with that part of the process at all. I’ve had some what I would consider major issues with my one and only camera. I’ve only had it a little over a month and it has proved to be very glitchy to say the least. It worked fine for about 2 1/2 weeks then it went haywire. It also won’t automatically reconnect after a power outage for some reason. That makes it a non-starter in my book. I own a Ring camera and a couple of Chinese cameras that will do much better in that department. I am now waiting on a free replacement (again, great customer service) to see if the camera will do better.


Cool man. Well I hope it works out for you in the end. Sound like you’ve exhausted pretty much all options. Not much more you can do other than hope it was a dud unit and that the next one is functional! As for WYZE, my guess is they’ll take whatever information they learn from the faulty units to figure out how to best improve their product. But that’s just my guess. Cheers!


Jono—curious to see if your camera will reboot automatically after a power outage. I own a Pan Cam by the way…Thanks

Hi Nick,

I own a Pan and several V2’s. They all reconnect following a power failure most, but not all, of the time. Seems to be a matter of if the network comes up correctly.


Is this issue solved? I have the same issue tried so many methods but not working !!

Am really frustrated about this I bought 3 cameras shall I return it or there is a hope !!?


Hi and welcome. Following a power failure can be tricky for network devices like Wyze cameras. But I have found a sure fire way to restore function is to:

Wait until your home internet connection is fully restored.

Power cycle (unplug and replug each camera.

Force close and restart the Wyze app on your phone.

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That is fine if your camera is at your home, mine is in my house in Mexico when I am in Canada

That’s when you buy a smart plug (from a different vendor, gotta have layers) and then you can remotely “plug and unplug” the camera. If your home network comes up of course.