Zoom lens for V3?

A zoom lens would be really handy, to capture in more detail what’s going on at your mailbox or a distant gate, for example. What are our options?

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Takes a little surgery, but it can be done. Do a search here on the forum and you should find info (it’s been discussed in the past). Something I have planned for some of mine.
Here’s my mailbox monitor:

Hmmm, no mail - another family member must have already gotten the mail…
That’s a V2 stuck in the very back of the mailbox. Note that inside the metal mailbox which is built into a brick and concrete column (with rebar), the RF coverage was dismal. I modified that camera for an external antenna that is outside the metal box. Works much better. Also note that I have power available inside the brick column and when I built it, I put in a piece of conduit from the back of the mailbox down into the column so I could power the camera.


You must have lighted numbers or a down light on the bricks. That was good planning on your part! :+1:

I wish I could do something like that. My mailbox was taken out last year by someone plowing the driveway across the street.

Not the best photo, but what I could access remotely…

The light on top and the address sign are both fully RGB so I can make them any color I want. This week is Fire memorial week so they are all red.
There is a second column three feet to the right and one of these days I will get the walkway built that will be between them.

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very nice! this has inspired me to order the lens and get into who knows what other projects…