I'm trying to turn my v2 into a doorbell cam

This is gonna be a short post for now, I will update it next weekend when I’m off and hopefully have time to make this look better.

EDIT : This cam has the 170° fov lens. And here’s a pic of what its looking at on the other side of the door.

It’s work in progress and I’ll update with more pictures soon.

The main issue I’m having is I really wish the camera was a smaller form factor

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Well nothing says it has to stay in the boxy plastic enclosure. The innards are smaller.

I left it out of the box and installing the 170° fov lens

I need longer ribbon cables to make this work the way I envision it. The cables that I just picked up from Micro center are to wide :disappointed:. Time to look through my spare computer parts to see if I can maybe find something.

They are, for sure but not much… Wyze the mfgrs of the camera have made great use of the box’s space inside