Ziggy, Speak Like A Man (Alexa)

You can now have your Alexa devices speak in a man’s voice. What this article doesn’t mention is there is also a new wakeword option - Ziggy!

I would continue to ignore the paid celebrity options though. Just a distracting, limited gimmick.

I think this new voice is the real deal, completely replacing the old female Alexa voice.

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I have moved one of my Devices to Ziggy. I like it… but, there is a whole lotta fun asking Samuel L. Jackson to read you the news or tell you a joke.

Also fun, I just recently found you can have Alexa speak in accented English - including British, Australian, and Indian. (No SamJack payment required but it breaks some localized functions.)

Oh and by the way that article I linked above eventually got updated to include Ziggy. It did not originally.

I really wish Amazon would allow setting a different voice for responses without affecting the dialect it “listens” in. I loved the English UK voice for my Echo, but there were at least one or two commands I often use that didn’t work properly with it.

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It’s funny, I almost think it misses more wakewords because I’m not saying them in the proper accent. :slight_smile:

The other limitation so far is that the male voices didn’t seem to be available in anything but US.

Alexa/Ziggy, kindly do the needful and turn off the living room lamp.