Alexa Voice Profile

Wyze Bulbs supporting Alexa Voice Profiles would be awesome! My wife and I use Wyze bulbs for our nightstand lamps, and it’d be awesome for either of use to say “my lamp” and it recognize whose lamp to control instead of the whole lamp name.

In your case Alexa Voice Profiles would be a setting in Alexa app not wyze cams
But you can name the bulbs whatever you want , Dicks lamp , Janes lamp
I have many bulbs named with different names and they work great with Alexa voice

I’ve set up the Voice profiles, but Alexa indicates that the skill has to support voice profiles? We also name the lamps different names, but instead of saying “Turn on Chris’s lamp,” I’d love to be able to say “turn on my lamp” and it recognizes that I’m Chris, vice versa for my wife.

Interesting. It seems like something that would be more on the Alexa side than the Wyze side, but I’d be curious to see what existing products utilize the voice profiles in what ways… I live alone, so I haven’t really delved into that functionality of Alexa.

Try this…

Install the Alexa app on Dick’s phone. Have Dick set up his voice profile using his phone. On Dick’s phone, set up a Routine to turn on Dick’s lamp when he says, “Alexa, turn on my lamp.”

Install the Alexa app on Jane’s phone. Have Jane set up her voice profile using her phone. On Jane’s phone, set up a Routine to turn on Jane’s lamp when she says, “Alexa, turn on my lamp.”

Have both Dick and Jane try saying, “Alexa, turn on my lamp.” See what happens.

Alternatively,… I have 2 spots (could be dots for cost effectiveness) in our Master BR (with cam covers) I then created 2 “rooms” for the Master BR aside from the Master BR “room” (which contains all of the devices except the spots) in the HALexa app. I then changed the invoke name for one spot to be “echo” the other remains “HALexa”. I added the appropriate items to the corresponding room (closets, spot and nightstand). If my wife says “HALexa, turn on the lamp”… her lamp comes on. If she says “HALexa, turn on the closet”… her closet comes on. If she says “HALexa, turn on the Master BR”… everything turns on. Same for me using “Echo” instead.

Deffo a hack around as this was pre-voice profiles and I haven’t experimented with the voice profiles yet, but still works.