Home Security - Talking Alexas

I wanted to share this home security trick! I have blackout blinds on my windows. When my Wyze v3 camera detects a person, my Alexa devices will start having a conversation. Also, an ultra quiet fan softly moves the blinds / curtains. Thank you so much for these products!

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That’s some good thinking. You could probably even set it up so this only happens when you are away or asleep. Then it doesn’t disturb you if you are actually there in the room.

Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by your alexa devices start having a conversation? What do you have them say or do exactly?


I set one to the new masculine voice. Then have the volume increase for a few seconds and say something like “Yes, someone is at the front door”. From the outside, they barely hear this - but it makes you reason someone is inside. Blackout blinds are an important part of this too.

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