Robot Vacuum voice controls depends on echo “wake word”

I have several echo devices. On the ones with wake word “Alexa” I can tell the robot vacuum to clean a specific room or just start to clean the whole floor. On the ones with Wake word “echo” I can only tell it to start or stop but not by specific rooms. If I change the wake word on one of the non working “echo” devices to “Alexa” then I CAN use room specific commands.
Why do the voice controls depends on the wake word for the echo device?!?!?
(Yes, I’ve made sure I’m saying the EXACT same commands when wake word is “alexa” or “echo”)

Robot vacuum is on firmware 1.6.173. This used to work (regardless of echo wake word) but seems to have changed in some firmware (?) update.

If the inability to clean a specific room were happening with both wake words, then I could believe the issue was on Wyze’s end. But that it depends on the wake word, I think means it’s something on Amazon’s end. I can’t think of a reason that Wyze would have any idea which Alexa wake work triggered the command.

Have you tried contacting Amazon Alexa support?


Have you tried switching the wake word on some of them and seeing if it causes them to start/stop working?

Also, take a look at your voice history in the Alexa app, see if it’s picking up the same exact words on both.

Lastly, try renaming your rooms to more common, easier to understand words and see if that helps.

This is a great point. Could it be that if you are saying the wake word then very quickly followed by the WRV command, that the ending vowel of the wake word is “bleeding over” into the WRV command such that the Amazon “hears” it differently? Checking your voice history might reveal this. It might be a unique combination of the end of the wake word and the start of the WRV command such that it doesn’t affect other commands you use.

You may want to try (on the device with the Echo wake word) to say “Echo”, then pause a couple seconds, then say the WRV command and see if it works.

And BTW, what command do you use to vacuum a specific room? I hadn’t tried using Alexa for this prior to reading your post and played around with it, unable to find a command that works.


All interesting suggestions. I’ll try from home this weekend and report back.

But here’s another interesting update:
As mentioned in the original post, if I changed the wake word on the device with “echo” to “alexa” it worked fine. When I changed BACK to “echo” on the device I was testing, IT STILL WORKED!! So I got quite excited and thought that meant I simply needed to change the wake word on my other “echo” using devices, test, and change back! So I went to one of my other devices, changed to “alexa” tested, worked, changed back to “Echo” NO LUCK! Tried changing to “ziggy”, “amazon”, “computer”, in some cases it would work while on the other wake word and in some cases it didn’t (honestly, I was changing it so much I can’t remember which worked and which didn’t). But usually after I went back to “echo” it wouldn’t work. After each attempt (whether successful or unsuccessful, I would switch back to “echo” and test. After 6-7 of these tests, one of the times when I switched back to “echo”… IT WORKED! I’m completely befuddled. After it started working, I tested it 3-4 times and it consistently worked EVERY TIME!! I don’t know how to explain it, but it seems to be working now with “echo” as the wake word. Every. Time.

@IEatBeans : The voice command to do a specific room is “Echo, tell Wyze vacuum to clean [roomname]”. Where [roomname] is what you’ve labeled the specific rooms in the Wyze app. I have rooms named Kitchen, Dining Room, Foyer, Living Room and it will correctly JUST clean these rooms when I name the right room. I’ve also noticed I can add “the” for more natural speach, e.g. “Echo, tell Wyze Vacuum to clean THE kitchen” and it works fine. (Once I got this “echo” vs “alexa” thing fixed!!)


Yes, the word “bleeding” is what I was thinking as well, as it’s pretty common for users to say the wake word and quickly follow it with their command, which sometimes confuses it.

I’m my limited experience it’s a bit finicky in understanding that you want to clean a specific room. You have to same almost exactly the correct “syntax” to get it to work (which is strange because usually Alexa is pretty flexible), and also it has a really hard time understanding room names with human names in them. Any other Alexa command doesn’t have as much trouble.

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