Zigbee integration For all Wyze products

Allow via firmware updates.

You know that requires specific radio hardware, right? This request doesn’t make a lot of sense for existing equipment.


It’s just a suggestion. It is possible that other people for sure, may be interested in this. I just thought I’d throw it out there. It could even be a future possibility. Wyze is always looking for new ideas. Ya never know, maybe they will come out with a brand new home monitoring system that is compatible.

Yes I’m sure they would. But again, as far as I know, Wyze would need to introduce brand new hardware for it.

My guess is that Wyze is more likely to support “Thread” in future products. While thread also uses the same Zigbee frequency, most businesses are updating their Zigbee radios to run Thread instead because Thread is the big push for the new MATTER initiative. Though Matter can also use WiFi, Zigbee and Bluetooth LE, it seems everyone wants their products to supported by all the new Thread Border Routers that can all link up to each other and dynamically update and function locally with all Matter benefits.

I wonder if the radios can run both Zigbee and Thread simultaneously… :thinking: I don’t know the answer to that.

While I don’t speak for Wyze, I suspect Wyze will mostly focus on Thread in the future since Thread is IP-addressable (can talk directly to devices rather than requiring an intermediary like a gateway), and Zigbee devices have a harder time connecting to the internet, requiring more expensive gateways and Wyze is dedicated to reducing costs as much as possible. Thread also has about half the latency of Zigbee since it can basically send commands in the first packet, instead of requiring back-and-forth connection establishing first. It also has an open and royalty-free standard (as opposed to Zigbee which requires companies go through special steps mandated by the Zigbee Alliance and pay them yearly fees for the privilege). If Wyze is going to be paying CSA the royalties for Matter anyway, it seems they’d want to avoid paying double royalties for Zigbee too.

Again, I definitely don’t speak for or represent Wyze in any official capacity, but I have a high suspicion that if they are going to install a Zigbee radio, they will prefer the new FREE and more popular trending Thread protocol that seems everyone is switching to instead lately.

On the plus side, it will have almost all the same benefits as Zigbee that most people really want and in that sense it will basically fulfill the main reasons for this request. We’ll just have to see though. Certainly if enough users would prefer Zigbee over Thread Wyze would give it some serious thought.

Anyone have any good rationales and suggestions for Why Zigbee should be considered over the newer free Thread protocol that all the big companies are switching to and making a priority for Matter?

Both will be able to connect through SmartThings and Google, Alexa or any device that works as a Matter/Thread Border Router already. Just curious what benefits Zigbee would have over Thread.


I get what you mean. I know there seems to be a lot of people who swear by it. I know quite a few personally. I have also researched it, but still on the fence. What I have read about it is that it isn’t always the best choice. Yes, it can have connectivity issues as well.