Wyze Lock: Traditional zigbee integration

I would like the ability to have a traditional zigbee integration with the wyze lock. This would allow me to get it on a hub.

Yea. The lock can be added to another zigbee hub after it is calibrated to the gateway. I have done this with Home Assistant (zha) Only the lock and unlock will work though until the Data on manufacturer specific clusters of the lock is decided. So far wyze hasn’t been any help with that I hope they do help out though. Could help them sell more locks.

We want to (without assistance or support from your developers: We can handle it) make your lock work with the ZHA Zigbee integration in Home Assistant. I have done a fair amount of work to decode what is in the custom command that the lock sends on this cluster to determine what actions are happening. That said, it seems like the byte values aren’t consistent across devices and I’m assuming that has something to do with the calibration process. Please provide us with the spec for the byte data that is sent on cluster FC00 for command 0x0000 so that we can support your device. This should be easy for you to furnish, All we are trying to do is accurately track door state and lock state. We aren’t looking to do anything crazy.


I’m sure the z2m folks would appreciate this as well. Their users also would like to see this supported.

from what I can tell the byte directly to the left of the 2 highlighted bytes in the logs in the pic above are the important bits. I am sure there is other important info in here… like a time for the event or some sort of sequence to debounce / prevent invalid state changes… I’d really appreciate someone from Wyze chiming in :slight_smile: From this I can tell the difference between app and manual, and auto lock as well as door open and close. Looks like each pairing of the lock can change the values as well so they have to be captured during / post calibration.

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It is really disheartening that Wyze won’t even consider discussing this. I hope they change their minds, there is a large user base who like local control over devices, the wyze lock is capable of that win no modification.

Joined just to vote for this. Looking for a lock and seems like a good one price/feature-wise but not even a consideration without local integration support. Made that mistake once with the Nest lock, not again. Fool me once…


Too bad it is not a certified zigbee product. I believe they could make it compatible with zigbee standard clusters for lock with a firmware upgrade, but why listen to the community?

Wyze, please.