Wyze lock bolt + echo show bluetooth integration

Wyze door bolt does not support wifi. However if the device can connect to wyze app via bluetooth it should also theoretically be able to connect to echo show newer gen devices. That way it can be controlled away from home despite having no wifi since the echo device can relay instructions. This should be a MUST have feature integration with the skill. Is there any plan to integrate that? :v:

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I love this idea. I don’t know how difficult it would be to integrate, but it’s an awesome idea for being able to control it while away and have a workaround for some internet access, maybe even get some notifications from Amazon about status changes (unlocking, etc). And for those who want it to stay 100% local only, they don’t have to allow it access. Everyone gets what they want.

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I saw in the amazon listing details mention of it supporting zigbee, doesn’t that essentially provide it a bridge to ones home wifi provided you have a zigbee hub to register it with, e.g. amazon eero 6 mesh router / wifi access point?

Also in those listing details video walkthroughs it mentioned you can set emergency access codes remotely. How is that possible unless something like zigbee to wifi to internet connectivity exists?

I dont think the lock bolt contains any wifi adapter ( unless that feature is disabled) it only talks via bluetooth. So any attempt to make it work with the smart assistant will require tinkering with bluetooth capabilities , hence my original thought on new gen Echo show which has bluetooth built in.
Can you point me to where it says zigbee integration is possible?

Regarding the one-time access code feature, i think it works similar to auth tokens which has time synced tokenizer and when you pair the device you basically sync your app to generate certain timed codes which acts like pass keys on the lock bolt.

And all this is pure speculation based on little bit of technological background i have🙂

I would like to see this as well. I know that the new Echo Show with BT will not work. I have not tested the Zigbee side, but if we know where to see how to do this, I will try.


Are you sure the Echo Show won’t work with the Bolt?

@R.Good and I did a test and it would not control the lock bolt

Do you have any instructions to test out zigbee hub ? i got eero devices at home. worth a shot if it can talk via bluetooth but need proper directions

Do you ever see the wyze lock bolt being able to be controlled via the internet and not just blue tooth. Did not realize that when purchased it and love the lock but was hoping to be able to access it remotely through the app while away.

The Wyze Lock (not Wyze Lock Bolt) uses Zigbee communication between the lock and the WiFi Bridge. I am not aware of the Lock Bolt having Zigbee functionality, only Bluetooth.

A search on “zigbee vs bluetooth le” suggests that these to wireless technology options are both in the 10 - 100mW power draw space as opposed to regular bluetooth being in the 1W power draw space.

Suggesting the wyze folks could sell a zigbee enabled Wyze Lock Bolt offering that would use less power than the current bluetooth enabled model, and therefore longer battery life?

This would in turn also give us wifi [ / internet ] access in app for interacting with device once it was connected to an existing home device with zigbee hub support, e.g. eero 6 [ pro ] mesh routers and some of the current generation echo smart speaker devices.