Alexa integration with Wyze Bolt lock

On amazon it shows a 3 out of 5 star Alexa integration.

I use Alexa routines to shut all lights off. I want Alexa to lock all doors. Alexa can’t not find my device?

I am reading bolt lock doesn’t have wifi so it can’t pair with alexa?

The lock bolt is just Bluetooth, so it needs your phone to connect to it in order to do anything.

If Wyze sold a bridge device they could maybe make this work, and that’s a commonly suggested feature.

But as of now it’s impossible due to hardware limitations.

The Wyze lock (not bolt) does have WiFi however


It shouldn’t have a rating of 3/5 starts integrating to Alexa. It doesn’t connect to Alexa! It should be 0/5 stars and I wouldn’t Have bought it.

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Curious as to where you are seeing where the Wyze lock bolt is integrated with Alexa.

Thank you for any insight.


On amazon. It has 3/5 stars next to ALEXA! That is why I purchased it! I wanted to setup a schedule for it to autolock my doors at 7pm! If the device just natively had this schedule then I wound’t have this problem.

I agree this would be a nice feature. I was even trying to see if you could connect an Alexa device (like an echo dot) via Bluetooth to the Wyze Lock Bolt to control it because the Alexa device Bluetooth can see it as a Bluetooth device, but it never paired. I never saw this capability was available by Wyze or Alexa anywhere, but just my own curiosity.

Would you mind providing a screen shot and or a link where you are seeing the Wyze Lock Bolt works with Alexa please. My ask is so that if there is misinformation we (community volunteers) can get it to the Wyze team for correction.

This is what I am seeing in comparison to the Wyze Lock vs. the Wyze Lock Bolt on Amazon


All Echo devices have Bluetooth IIRC, so we should be able to pair to the closest one to get it to integrate.

So unless there is a technical reason for it, it should be just a matter of code and time.



I bought this knowing it didn’t, but he is right it does show it on amazon.

Here is a screenshot from today July 14, 2023
It’s near the button.


Oh, I see the problem, though I believe Amazon controls these ratings options, and some crazy customers actually rated it as if it has Alexa integration when it doesn’t, none of which is something Wyze did, but is still affecting peoples’ perception of the product:

I clicked on the “Report incorrect product information” link and explained that they should remove the “Alexa Integration” ratings because it makes an incorrect implication.

Not sure how much Wyze can do about this since I believe it is an Amazon mistake, but maybe they can contact Amazon and see if someone can correct their side of it to stop asking about Alexa Integration, or delete any ratings about Alexa Integration that imply it might have it when it doesn’t.

i have the same issue… I Cant connect it to Alexa…

Fantastic… I was under the impression it worked with Alexa as well. I’ve already got two effin Wyze hubs (Base SM & Sense Hub)… so that’s not enough? Grrrr…. I just dropped a full Argo Ultra system & decided to give Wyze a shot at replacing, but I’m already having issues viewing camera feeds on TVs, not working with Smart Things, and now this…. Tick tock Wyze… Tick tock……

Same issue here. I feel a bit duped.

When I bought it on Amazon, it indicated that I could automate it through Alexa. I use the Wyze camera on Alexa, so I didn’t question it.

I would not recommend this product. So silly to not be able to have smart integration.

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I ran into same issue and as I had used a few Wyze locks before, I didn’t even look for Alexa compatibility or lack thereof. Best workaround I found for the night time lock all doors command is just setting Auto Lock on the Wyze Bolt Lock and so it’s already locked x minutes after it was last unlocked.

I just joined this forum and was surprised to see this list about Alexa integration. I have a Wyze door lock and not only can I lock and unlock using the iPhone app, but also through voice integration with Alexa via the Wyze skill for Alexa. To lock the door I enabled the Alexa Wyze skill, then simply ask Alexa to close the door ( I don’t know why it’s “close” and not “lock”). To unlock the door the Alexa needs a 4 digit PIN and when I ask Alexa to “Open the door” (again, why “open” and not “unlock”) , Alexa verbally asks me “what’s the voice code for the door”, and when I give the code, the lock unlocks.

P.S. I tried to use a Flic button to control the lock, but the only option is to Lock the door, there’s no option to unlock… I assume that unlocking is a security issue.

P.P.S, I also have a Wyze Lock Gateway, that connects the Bluetooth lock to my WiFi network. Is this the missing ingredient in this forum comments above to get the Alexa integration to work?

P.P.P.S I just noticed that there are two different devices, a “Wyze Lock Bolt” (Wyze Lock Bolt | Biometric Bluetooth Smart Lock – Wyze Labs, Inc.) and a “Wyze Lock” (Add Brains To Your Current Deadbolt. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. | Wyze Lock – Wyze Labs, Inc.). I have the “Wyze Lock” and this one works with Alexa. Perhaps the issue reported above is with the Wyze Lock Bolt?

I have the same problem, now that I read I realize that the Bolt Lock is not compatible with Alexa, however there should be an integration with Alexa through the Doorbell Pro.