Will adding a ZigBee hub benefit me?

Currently, I have 3x Wyzecam V2’s and just preordered the Lock. I was wondering if purchasing a Zigbee hub would give me any benefits? I see it works over Bluetooth as well but just curious to see what other options ZigBee would give me? Currently not using any Wyze sensors but may order some.

It is doubtful that a third-party hub will provide any benefit. The camera’s use WiFi. Plugs and Bulbs use WiFi. Sensors have their own hub/bridge that plugs into a camera. The lock has its own connecting hub. The outdoor cameras have their own connecting hub.

So if you have sensors, and get a lock, and eventually have outdoor cameras a person will have/need three different Wyze hubs? Would it not be beneficial for everyone to combine all into one single larger higher powered hub?

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I believe that a single hub controlling multiple devices would be beneficial. It could benefit from direct AC power to improve radio strength and allow devices to use lower power radios internally instead of relying on WiFi. However, there is a lot of hostility to using a hub on this site.

I am not sure why Wyze has decided that multiple hubs are the way to go. It might lose them some customers.

It looks like the lock is a product of another company which entered into a partnership with Wyze. Which probably explains why integration with existing Wyze products is non-existent.

Hmm the lock does say it’s compatible with Zigbee though?

It does. Right on its page.

It looks like ZigBee will be the winner, simply because all the major services want compatibility with it.

Yea I would up with a 2nd gen echos plus so I have it anyways.

Now that they have a group, I would suggest that they go beyond a wireless protocol and start standardizing commands with a common structure. Something like SQL in spoken form.