Your camera is turned off

When I try to turn it on I get “loading live steam” and nothing happens.

What an unreliable, overcomplicated waste of money.

I have 2 Floodlight Pro’s. They have performed so well for me that I am considering buying a third.

The inability of the app to load the live stream of a cam, or it taking forever to load, especially when your phone is on the same network, usually means that there is a very poor WiFi connection between the cam and the Router\AP. I had cams that did this on a regular basis until I upgraded my network to a 3 node Mesh with the nodes strategically positioned to support my 70+ devices.

It may also mean that your cam is too far away from the Router\AP or is on the wrong band. Which WiFi band is the cam on and what is the Signal Strength\RSSI?

Lastly… please elaborate on the title of this topic “Your Cam is Turned Off”.

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What camera - that info could help, wired, wireless, outdoor, indoor, what OS, what firmware.
I’ve got some of the Wi-Fi outdoor pro cameras that are at the technical max farthest range at least 350 yards through heavy woods - trees / brush from a commercial AP to the point that rain, heavy wind ( trees swaying ) and even a thick fog will cause viewing problems and an occasional “can’t connect” but they seem to capture motion events and send them in a timely manner, you sometimes cant get a live view. But my backup to the gate is a V2 outdoor with a solar powered ( in a Tupperware container ) base halfway between the AP and the camera, but torrential rain interferes with it occasionally. Seems people up to no good aren’t out in weather you can’t stand up in though - so that’s a plus.